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      The Anthrax Vaccine

    The vaccine is made by sterilized microaerophilic cultures of an
    avirulent, nonencapsulated strain of BACILLUS ANTHRACIS
    which elaborates the protective antigen during the growth process.
    The cultures are grown in a synthetic liquid medium and the final
    product is prepared from the sterile filtered culture fluid. Final
    product includes as perservatives:
    1. Aluminum Hydroxide ( .83 mg per .5 cc dose )
    2. Formaldehyde ( not to exceed .02% )
    3. Benzenthium Chloride ( .0025% )
    To over simplify, weakened Anthrax is grown in a type of beef broth
    that is filtered for positive proteins, then sterilized and stored in a
    nasty solution to keep other contaminates from growing.

    Adverse reactions were a distinct possibility, and so the VAERS
    ( Vaccine Adverse Event Report ) program was created by the
    FDA to monitor such reports. However, with a Presidential waiver
    in place during the war - informed consent and reporting reactions
    was largely ignored. As a investigational vaccine the reactions were
    supposed to be reported to the FDA, but the large majority were not.
    The ICWRG ( Informed Consent Waiver Review Group ) of the FDA
    made recommendations to DOD, but it is still under review if DOD
    abided by these decisions.

    Michigan Biologics which is now Bioport, has handled the Vaccine
    since the 1960's, it struggled for testing methods during those years
    to get the vaccine approved. However, producing one stable lot
    of vaccine seemed almost out of their grasp.

    Since then its production standards slipped, and it struggled with
    the FDA, CBER, CDC, DPH, and so on. Inspection after inspection
    of the facility demonstrated that they were not producing vaccine by
    standards or in a very sterile enviroment. Batches were scrapped
    for having high microbe contents, or other various problems.
    Blood products used to make the vaccine were also used to produce
    a large variety of other products. Many problems arose.
    In the coming weeks we will explore the production standards
    of the Anthrax Vaccine, and hopefully explain why it isnt safe.

    There are thousands of pages of material expressing the mulitude
    of problems with the Anthrax Vaccine, and here we will try to
    post as many as possible ( space limitations ).

    Here they are by category:

    1. VAERS vaccine reporting system
    2. FDA Inspection observations at Michigan Biologics/Bioport
    3. Summary of Findings from Inspections
    4. Warning Letters
    5. Memorandums
    6. Protocols
    7. Correspondence
    8. Conversation Records
    9. Senate Hearings

    Please write: Kirt Love at DSBR for further information on the Anthrax
    Vaccine, reactions, and possible protection, or further varying data.