Kirt P. Love

P.O. Box 414

Crawford, TX 76638


Dear Secretary McDonough,


My name is Kirt P. Love. Im a disabled combat veteran for the Gulf war.

I find it necessary to try and contact you through multiple sources as

I have asked others to include the VA Gulf War Research Advisory

Committee to pass on information on my behalf. But, Chairman Lawrence

Steinman has made it clear he intends to blackball me and keep my

recommendations from you and others.


Part of this I understand, this chairman was hired by VA to follow he

letter of the law of the charter rather than think outside the box. So

he is nothing like his predecessor Jim Binns that VA despised. Only,

Jim Binns was interested in healthcare / benefits because Gulf war

vets had no other options. Enough so he helped me get the late VA

ACGWV to try and address that. VA sabotaged that by putting ringers

on the committee, a very short tenure of 18 months, and then pretty

much buried any of its findings.


For the first few months, I literally set the tone on that committee. Then

Chairman Cragin developed a attitude and began to brow beat me in

public at meetings. He began endorsing the Seattle PDICI, and a doctor

Stephen Hunt who I found was hostile to Gulf war vets. He believed that

our plight was somatic, and I was quite offended by his clinic in Seatte.

Enough so I opposed the final report and dissented on the vote because

it endorsed him. I was proven right later on as he met in secret with VA

Gulf War Task Force, and over time onto the RAC itself. Pushing his



When my committee was closed in 2009, VA did not follow up any of

the recommendations in our final report. Its answer to the GWVIS was

a pre and post 911 report at best. It closed the door on spouses and

children of Gulf war vets. It ignored the numerous problems with CFR

38 ss 3.317 on the issues with service connection. Mainly that this law

has a loop hole using the term Undiagnosed illness that allows for a

92% refusal rate. VA ignored the need for specialty care or benefits

for Gulf war veterans that standard VAMCís could not provide, much

less the now infamous War Related Illness and Injury Study Center

which became a on time throw away exam. Since 2009, it been a

shut out. The RAC gagged, and now filled with a internal monopoly

of characters that only work with people in there inner circles.


Ive had a tremendous ongoing issues with my own medical care because

VA uses generalized medicine in the Waco and Temple VAMCís. You

come in, they try to address the one biggest problem Ė do minimal testing

and then your lucky to get seen again in 6 months. Im not making any

head way because VAís 2 visits a year policy which does not allow

for developing ongoing base line to find anything but rudimentary

conditions. So much gets left out of bloods labs alone, and its taken

me years to figure out conditions largely on my own by other means.

If this is how it is nation wide, then VA is creating long term problems

for itself waiting for veterans to go critical Ė then the long term care

of dealing with that.


As to medical recommendations to the RAC, Ive made them since 2002

and my most pressing is the before and after DNA analysis to show

specific genetic markers before an after the war. Been working on this

one hard since 2010. Take the cryo HIV blood samples taken before the

war that AFIP stored, and extract enough DNA to sequence the genome.

Then a current sample extracted and sequenced. Compare before and

After ro see the genetic damage that does not match the general population.

It would put a end to the debate of was there a causal agent. The RAC

Chairman Steinman said my idea was brilliant, then never said a word

again or made a recommendation on this.


Im ahead of my time, and I proposed glutamate research to the RAC in

2005 that several took interest in. Now its all the buzz in genetic circles.

I understand molecular biology, chemistry, and have even built my own

gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer from scraps, DIY. Enough

so that I turned around my pancreatic and gall bladder issues on my own.

Only, now Ive incurred some kind of nerve damage this winter that has

created new problems with anything attachedto my Vagas nerve. I think

I had Covid rather than a cold, and Im that one in three unlucky persons

that develop organ issues. As the signs were there in December and

January that the nerves were in trouble. Tremendous pain all along them.

Only, the Waco VAMC isnít interested in this in any way and have been

quite / conditional slothful about my current issues. They are trying very

hard to look at anything but.


My point is, Gulf war veterans have no where to go to deal with healthcare

and benefits issues to there plights. We only have the RAC and they are

not looking outside research. In fact, there recommendations have not been

very brood and sadly conditional. The committee keeps veterans limited to

the side chat bar they largely ignore, and public recommendations is just

mostly the same 6 people trying to get notoriety. Its either one shot comments

about what people cant get done, or regulars trying to monopolize the

committee. Of which the committee plays favorites with. Itís a circular

argument rather than a soap box. They could at least let vets vote on

ideas they want proposed. The chairman ignored that and anything else

I have said the last 2 years.


I was prophetic in 2009, and much of what I said at those ACGWV meetings

came to pass. What Im angry at is VA has not done anything better without

my presence in all this. Im being ignored, and we donít even have any kind

of public reporting system since the last post 911 report. Im not being proven

wrong. Im just being given contempt by people allowing status quo. That

has not worked for me or the vets of Texas. As the Burn pit crowd will allude.


The RAC has not produced any viable treatment research programs, its

ignoring the veterans in favor of VA researchers that support a 1995 private

agenda deployment health keeps alive. There is something almost sinister

about the current RAC committee. Its nothing like its former entity and staff.


So I have no choice but to kick off a very systematic approach to reaching

you. Eventually ending back at Congress as I show as each attempt is

ignored. I can not trust that any other entities are being fair with what they

share with you concerning our plight. Ive been careful never to email

secretaries of VA as they just instantly put up spam filters. So this on

should make it through before VA blocks this one too. Ive done this before,

its how I got my rating in 2002 after meeting with sec Principiís staff.


Gulf war veterans deserve better representation at VA in Washington DC,

and its been most unfair how most of us have been shut out by others.

As healthcare and benefits issues are not being addressed. The extension

of 3.317 is a bad joke because it itself did not change. What was added to

it did not improve chances of service connection. As to medical care, people

such as myself need specialized clinics rather than general medicine that

wont find squat. This has produced faulty medical data for decades that

keeps the research off base. As we cant even get good medical baseline

for blood labs that show trends. Not just minimal blood / serum but more

higher end endocrine labs that show metabolic disorders more closely.

As I suspect subtle GI tract anomalies have begun to get critical for folks

other than myself.


If this seems hostile, I apologize. But, when your health is miserable every

day and you cant get people to care, its hard to be polite. Covid has really

messed up our care, and provided VA this internet meeting system that

keeps angry vets at bay. If your not in DC, then we can ignore you. So

I find the current meeting system offensive at best. Its fine for internal

workings, itís a stiff arm to people when the committee is malicious in



If I was being taken care of, you would not even know of me or have to

endure any contact with me. But, the system is flawed Ė biased Ė and

indifferent. Its forcing me to take this more vocal track. So it would be

nice if I heard back from you. What I anticipate is along protracted fight

till I end up in the news papers saying the Secretary of VA is indifferent

like with Sec of VA James Peake. I did it before, I can do it again if need

be. I hate the media, have stayed off the radar of purpose. But, I cant

await on others to do anything Ė its up to me once more.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



                                                                    Kirt P. Love

                                                                    Director, DSBR

                                                                         Former VA ACGWV 2009

                                                                         Advocate since 1997