Dear Secretary of VA

For a year now Ive tried to interact with you. VA acknowledges you got my
emails and then sends them to others. In the end its dead letter office.
I think to date the content has been relevant and worthy of responses.
So here we go again.

I started early this year with the Gulf War registry one more. That ended up being a
farce where they didnt even take my vitals. Based on that exam alone and the way
it was handled no veteran could benefit from its results or the data sent to the
repository - databases.

Then I got a WRIISC referral which turned into a nightmare. After a month I had
to get ugly about it and pull strings from above to get a response. The WRIISC
itself then made sure all communication was one way, and If I didnt answer
that phone that minute I could not reach them back. No one answered phones
and when they did there was no way to leave a message. I contacted your
office and poof that same day they bent over backwards to try and reach me.
Calling every 20 minutes.

The director of the clinic Dr. Barrett talked to me finally for a hour. We set up a time line.
This all ended up taking 3 months to get through, start to finish. Way drawn out.
Then he had a personal emergency and vanished on me. No one at the clinic knew
anything and it was up to me to lean on my local VA doctor to start the consecutive labs.
A idea Dr. Barrett proposed but never followed through on. 6 consecutive weeks of
labs to see what the baseline would be. He didnt surface till I was 4 weeks into this.
Then fought me at the end because the labs were note earth shattering. End them
early. Not what I wanted.

Everything dragged out till finally late August we started getting ready for the WRIISC
sessions. Much like 2008, the first 17 video exams hovered largely over psychology and
very little else. This became a witch hunt. As we got mid way Dr. Barrett made it sound
like the end would be earth shattering and help get me a better rating decision. Huge
build up that the last phone call would change my world. When we wrapped up the
30 minute call with him was a huge let down. PTSD and TBI was his big ticket items?
Down here in Central Texas these are sham ratings that cause more harm than benefit
because of the VA review process. Attrition at VBA leaves largely inexperienced people
making rash decisions and quick dismissals. VSO's down here are very timid to use
PTSD and TBI because of how badly they are handled. By the time a person files for
those they have imploded personally and have criminal records that exclude them or
other issues for exclusion. Dr. Barrett is looking from the top down at the WRIISC and
is not aware of the down side of his recommendations from the bottom up. In fact,
little has changed with the WRIISC since 2008 as a punitive system that really isnt
looking for physiological elements. As I proposed a fatty tissue section for chemical
analysis and before / after genome sequencing to verfiy genetic damage that maybe
related to the war, Real research that might find real things. I was told I was 10 years
ahead on this and it could not be done. That is not true, it can be now. The adipose
tissue analysis is usually post mortum as a autopsy thing. Ide rather move that up to
show the Dioxins in the tissues from the burn pits.

The Research Advisory Committee meeting that happened September 21st and the
22nd was so sad., Filled with technical glitches and good ole boy posturing. Im thrilled
you replaced the chairman who for 4 years only ran interference. His agenda largely
stalled the committee and produced no real results. He went out of his way to keep
my ideas at bay even though he agreed with them in the beginning. His job was to
stall and he did that. Of which I hope this new chairman does not follow suit.

The RAC became a good ole boy system, and it allowed a monopoly created by the
NGWRC to keep others at bay. As meetings went on, they played favorites to Denise
Nichols and NGWRC favorites that would suck up to them. In return Denise and
other played favorites to play down or ignore people like me openly at the meetings.
This went on for 4 years as things stalled more and more. Did it produce results?
Not that Im aware of. All the while GWI healthcare and benefits issues went on
unresolved that I kept advocating. Everyone seemed very intent on proving my VA
ACGWV advisory committee never even existed in 2008.

During the RAC meeting I was on top of many technical issues. When asked, I told
people the meeting powerpoint presentations would probably not be up for 2 weeks.
The staff responded back angrily it would be right after the meeting. I saved the chat
bar text conversations now over several meetings. Wont be in the minutes. Well, as
of 9/24./2022 they are not up any where on the VA RAC website. Several days later.
I saved the webpage and time stamp to show this. Pure spite on behalf of the RAC
committee Ive dealt with for years now.

Sept 21 & 22, 2022





Meeting Minutes

Now Im trying to do the Airborne hazards and burn pit registry, again. Started the
process with EH coordinator. Only to find this time there is a massive road block to
Gulf war vets at the beginning. Deployments? The menu system does not offer the
regions we served in. It all about OIF and 2003 onwards. There is almost nothing
in it that would apply to 1st AD or 3rd AD. Nasiriyah on down has almost no landmarks
and the oil fields are not listed. The biggest battle, Madina ridge and such are not in
here. Ive tried to use a dozen locations it cant figure out. Which means we need a
grid point system with GPS cords like on my personal tracking records. There is
not telling how many Gulf War vets have given up because of this big obvious
flaw at the beginning to keep the at bay. As so for only thing I could associate was
the King Khalid air base in Saudi Arabia. Not the bunker demolition site south of
Nasiriyah and the oil fields. This survey is trying to exclude Gulf war vets on purpose.
Which is far more cryptic than the first burn pit registry I did - that VA claims I didnt

Again, with so system in place for GWI healthcare and benefits veterans have now
where to go at address anything. The RAC makes it clear its not there job. They
are research, and worse yet. Closed door system to boot. To date, 2022 has shown
me that since 2008 things have gotten worse for Gulf War vets. Its now being said
by others the PACT act is end of life benefits for spouses and children. The WRIISC
is still pushing a negative agenda. VA has made sure only select people get heard
if at all. Only a few dozen at best. In a all out effort to keep the rest of us at bay. Ive gone
through the gambit this year and right now Im no better than when I began this
odyssey in February. By the book.

Your not winning points here in Texas. Ive been showing VISN 17 how the system
works at each step. I got the Waco VAMC to start holding veteran communication
meetings after 5 years. Im now a licensed General ham radio operator with a RACES
state emergency CLO alt position in case of a public disaster. Im working with VSO's
down here that are very frustrated with the vets they try to help with virtually no support
including congressional any more. Its not like Im going to vanish or diminish in all
this as they see what Ive been through. The VAMC's actually like me for the first time
in 25 years as I try to help staffers in each area. I have presence here.

You need to stop avoiding me and show some interest in a growing situation thats
going to end in a very public Congressional hearing, GAO report, and negative public
media. Its not if, just when. I havent even talked IG yet. Because right now the word
is spreading of indifference and top down VA management that ignores the people
in the trenches.This would be a good time to go proactive rather than your course
much of 2022. Bluff.

Everyone wants me to be nice, play nice. Then nothing gets done. I play rough people
complain about that, nothing gets done. What course do you suggest, because I find
diplomacy isnt working. Yet, Im trying to help others as well as myself. At tremendous
personal self burden I cant afford. Only to go on being spit on. Change needs to start
some where and this one sided system isnt working for 2022. Gulf war vetys deserve
better and so do I.

Thank you for your time.

                                                                                                            Kirt P. Love
                                                                                                            Director, DSBR
                                                                                                                    former member VA ACGWV