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New Stories about DSBR:
October 28th 2000: AP
Gulf illnesses to come under a new review 
Kirt Love, a critic of government handling of Gulf War illness studies who says he is a disabled veteran from the war, blasted the Pentagon after hearing the news at Friday's meeting. "They are still concealing records," he said.
February 5th 2001: Science Magazine
Restoring Faith in the Pentagon
If you attend a meeting about Gulf War illness, you can't miss Kirt Love and Venus Hammack.
April 11th 2001: Stars & Stripes
Military Personnel At Lower Risk of Hepatitis C Infection Than Civilians, Study Says
Military personnel are at three to five times lower risk
of becoming infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV)
than the civilian population.
July 23rd 2001: CNS news service
Pentagon Looks to Buy Oldest Veteran Paper
Love says the Pentagon has "no plans at this time to 
continue any part of [the U.S. paper]. All they're doing is 
buying the name as a trademark so that no one else can 
use it here in the United States."
September 11th 2001: Boston Globe
Gulf War veterans recall Muslim distrust
Love said he has come to realize that Middle Eastern resentment goes back further than the Gulf War, to decades of US foreign policy and perceptions that American promises 
aren't always kept.
September 24th 2001: MSN Slate
"Vax Populi"
BioPort exacerbated the mistrust after multiple run-ins with 
the FDA and after news spread of its strong financial ties 
to military brass.
May 3rd - 5th, 2002: CBS News Atlanta
Atlanta NGWRC annual conference - Kirt talks briefly about
his health problems in joint interview.
September 16th, 2002: MSNBC CABLE 
MSNBC invites 6 Gulf War vets to speak on the show about 
the pending deployment to Iraq, Kirt takes the position that 
this war will be bloodier than last one.
October 9th 2002:
Veterans Groups Berate U.S. Biochemical Force Protection
"Although DOD is fielding new NBC equipment, troops currently deploying are leaving with the same equipment troops deployed into Iraq 12 years ago,” says Kirt P. Love, director of the Desert Storm Battle Registry and a Gulf War veteran.
October 10th 2002: LA Times
Cold War Bio-Weapon Tests Included California
"Most of these people didn't have a clue what they were part of," said Kirt Love, a veterans advocate with the Desert Storm Battle Registry who contended that in many cases only senior officers were aware of the tests. "These were not safe agents at the time."
October 12th 2002: Winchester Star
Gulf War Veterans Emotions Mixed
For 11 years, Kirt Love, who served in the Army during Operation Desert Storm, has been plagued by migraines, respiratory problems, and especially the memory of a vicious battle he witnessed between Allied forces and the Iraqi Republican Guard.
Another war with Iraq, he says, “will be a bloodbath from start 
to finish.”
What's causing Gulf War Illness
Love is most worried, however, that no significant lessons have been learned from what happened in the first Gulf War, as the U.S. is poised
to enter another war in the same region. "We are going to be repeating the same mistakes with Gulf War II," he said.
November 11th 2002: Washington Post
Iraqi Battleground Fiercer Veterans say
"Our government knows our equipment is not up to standards," Love said. "This isn't going to be the same as before. This is going to be a bloody affair. They haven't shown us that they have learned anything."
December 30th, 2002: Disaster News Network
Studies track Gulf War illness -- but too late?
Travis Dunn
Recent studies investigating the effects of low levels of
sarin nerve gas on animals appear to confirm the theory
that some forms of Gulf War illness may have been
caused by the exposure of U.S. troops to nerve gas. 
December 30th, 2002: Die Weltwoche Magazine 
The battle of the veterans
Martin Killian
Numerous Americans, who fought in the Gulf War, warn
of a military strike against Saddam Hussein. Who are the
people, which the Iraqi Tyrant actually loose will want,
but, face the government Bush with highest skepticism?
February 19th 2003: ZDF TV - Germany
Shortly before Baghdad 
A German camera crew tapes us at home, and what
life is like after the war. We express our concerns that the troops going to the Gulf this time wont be so lucky. With 
77,000 body bags being sent, its a no brainer. 
February 21st 2003: KRO TV - Holland
Verslag vanuit Bagdad

A camera crew from Holland comes in to film Venus and myself during a snow storm. The piece talks of our hardship, and the 1991 war - then life afterwards. Venus fears her children will might end up in Iraq ( 2 are in the military ).

February 23rd 2003: Sonntags Blick - Swiss
Bushs hardest opponents
Swiss news article were Venus and I voice our disappointment with the US Government on the pending deployment in Iraq. Well, as troops from the last war - we want to stop this one.
March 3rd 2002: North Virginia Daily
Gulf war veterans fear U.S. is
unprepared for war with Saddam
As the beat of war drums continues, so does the
cadence inside a Mt. Jackson residence as its occupants 
step up efforts to warn of invisible, blistering and suffocating enemies Americans troops may face on the ground in Iraq.
March 5th, 2002: De Bunde, Viola Keeve 
As warriors get sick, as veterans forgets 
They have won the first campaign for America, now they are invalid. And possibly also the new Gulf war leaves his syndrome - under the soldier, but also among Iraq civilians.
April 7th 2003: Fluter, Viola Keeve
Gulf War Syndrome 
Veterans like Kirt Love fight a desperate battle against the Pentagon– about guiltily remained enlightenments and the own credibility.  
April 2003:Thomas G. Whittle & Linda Amato
Vol 35, issue 1- Christian Science Monitor
Desert Storm Blows Back with a Fury 
As another Middle East conflict dies down, veterans and doctors say the previous round’s biowarfare casualties remain mysteriously ignored
August 9th, 2003: Andrew Martel The Winchester Star
Gulf War Veterans Say Troops Should ‘Finish’ This Time News of the fast advance to Baghdad by coalition forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom does not surprise those who were there more than a decade ago.
Feb 4th, 2004: Wall Street Journal, Robert Thomsho
Veterans Say Military Keeps Poor Health 
Records on Troops
U.S. TROOPS on the battlefield face far more potential dangers than simply enemy weapons fire: Germ and biochemical weapons, environmental pollution even bites from insects and animals native to the battle zone can sicken a soldier with symptoms that linger long after he's 
gone home.
Feb 8th, 2004: Tommy Denton - Roanoke Times
A veteran serving those afflicted in service 
In the aftermath of Operation Desert Storm in 1991, former Army mechanic Kirt Love observed the destruction of an Iraqi weapons bunker.
Other interviews:
Arte TV - France
3 minute segment
December 7th 2002:
Venus Hammack and Kirt Love have a interview with French ARTE TV as they explain how they do not agree with President George Bush on the coming assault of Iraq. Its not about National Security, its about economics - and that's not what the military was created for.
December 17th 2002:
7:45pm MSNBC, Frank Luntz - Iraq Smoking Gun 
Kirt Love comments:
It is not our job as the WORLD PEACEKEEPERS to police Iraq. We are going to waste upwards of a $100 billion on this war when we don't even take care of our people here at home.
January 22nd, 2003:
7:45pm MSNBC, Frank Luntz - Iraq Smoking Gun 
Kirt Love comments:
Full disclosure, and that the information is old and has 
not been disclosed since the last war. Other nations 
do NOT support this war. That the evidence is NOT there.
I said that Americans should have full disclosure, but its 
more than likely DOD wont since they didnt last time 
12 years ago.
January 24th, 2003:
7:45pm MSNBC, Frank Luntz - Should we go in without the UN 
Kirt Love comments:
This is a economic issue of how we keep OPEC on the edge. This is about the price of oil. Saddam is in a box, he cant travel to EuroDisney.
MSNBC: Presidents State of the Union
January 28th, 2003:
9:00 pm MSNBC, Hardball  - President State of the Union Address
This is a economic issue of how we keep OPEC on the edge. This is about the price of oil. Gas prices will go up as theeconomy goes down. Venus calls President Bush 
"Cheney's Puppet". 
April 8th, 2003:
TV Tokyo, What is going on in America
Japanese Interview at the foot of the Lincoln memorial where
Venus and Kirt discuss political fall out of the Iraq War.
August, 2003:
China Star TV, Sun Bo / Kirt Love interview
This is a thirty minute documentary that compares lifestyles
of former Chinese Diplomat to Kuwait to the life of Spc. Kirt
P. Love from the Gulf War to present. Similarities of medical
problems and hardships after the war.