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Website debunking the Special Assistant 
for Gulf War Illnesses
green line

Feb 2023, the month America lost her Freedom

I worked so hard for a year heading into this RAC meeting in Feb.
Put on the best show of my life. They set out to gut the Powerpoint,
and I knew then it was over in America. That no matter what I did
it would not matter. This would go no where, it had to.

The meeting was a huge flop. No support in Hawaii, almost no turn out.
Oahu Veteran center did all it could to even remove evidence off its
facebook page that this even happened. The local paper in Hawaii the
Star gave me false hopes they would report the event.

Locally, the Secretary of VA sneaked in and out of Waco that same day
so the media would be about him, all the while dodging me here locally.
Made sure with the Regional Office I wasnt invited. The only person in
the media the PACT act failed, the first critic of it must be silenced. Sec
of VA knew I was too tied up with the RAC to be in two places at once.
Delivering my powerpoint no one will know about.

America silenced Gulf war vets nation wide, and silenced anyone the
PACt act failed.

Got out my old sign equipment, cranked up a banner for the back window
of my van. Went into Waco to challenge Regional and Doris Miller about
there part in all this. Just what is there purpose any more? That I was 
not invited to the PACT act job fair among other things. They knew in
advance Sec of VA was coming and I had a bone to pick with him. Made
sure they knew that I had filed a IG complaint about all this. I was being

Our glorious media in Waco knew for the last month about the RAC
meeting and did all they could to ignore me even in there lobbies. I was
in the lobby of channel 10 and 44 talking to them and giving them
materials. Waco Tribune had botched my story, and was not going to fix
that. As it got closer to the moment, channel 25 and others blocked my
emails openly. Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, Fort Worth Star,
Austin American Statesmen, on and on. Then east and west coast media.
Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, DC, and such.

Its a media shut out nation wide for both Gulf War and PACT act failings.

So went around Waco taking pictures of my van in front of each news
service. To show I do exist, the Sec of VA failed me, and so the media
of America failed us. I served in a war for this country, and the only people
who get to enjoy there freedom are not veterans. Veterans lost our freedoms
in that war. Im a political prisoner in this country with no rights.

To wage a social class war on the poor, bleed everyone dry. The rich have
all the rights and the poor must pay for it. The civil war is on. Been so a
year now. Slavery had already begun, to credit cards and credit to survive
the rich folks economic boon. The rich must surive at all cost.

Channel 10, who blew me off bad. Report about the Secretary of VA but not
his victims. They dont care about Gulf war vets or the RAC meeting.
Channel 10.
Channel 25, who didnt even want me in the lobby. Kept me just inside the
door and told me they were too busy. Theyve missed story after story for
3 years now. The worst in the bunch.
Channel 25
Channel 44, editor would keep meeting with me then not do one single
thing from the Flyers, to the problems with the other media, to the
event in Hawaii. To me he was the most insidious one in the whole
group. A bitter veteran with a grudge match? 3 years now. The worst
in the bunch.
Channel 44

Channel 6 had moved to Temple, I didnt know, I drove down to the old
location to find it empty. Didnt matter, they ignored then blocked my

Waco Tribune had moved. Was hell finding them. Didnt matter, they had
more important things to do then write about veteran hardships. Only up
beat peices about the government and how it helped me when it didnt.

Waco tribune

These are all folks who take there freedoms for granted, and the people
who fought for them. Its so comforting to know they have rights and
freedoms that I dont. The only thing worth reporting is government that
crushed veteran rights with things like the Feres Doctrine.

I became a political prisoner in February 2023. All around me sold there
souls to buy them 10 minutes more freedom than mine. That nothing about
the PACt act, ABHOR, WRIISC, and Gulf war will make the news unless
its allowed by our new slave masters.

What am I to think, as it finally happened. America turned on itself and
people think this will happen silently. Google has blocked me, so this
wont even be found. Im trapped in my home. For what, some Americans
are created more equal than others? You know not what you do.

The years when the media was on our side:
August 2nd, 2002: DSBR, DSJF meet with Mike Kilpatrick
of Deployment Health Support Directorate to discuss dozens
of Deployment Health questions. We cover Gulf War, SHAD,
Afghanistan, and Classified missions since 1961. DHSD is
unwilling to allow us to meet with the other NSO's at DOD
round table - which we did for many years. So now we are
meeting with them monthly to continue our dialogue for
answers to the tons of issues that still remain. Most noted,
why is 99% of the 6,000,000 Gulf war records remaining at
DHSD classified SECRET or higher if little out of the ordinary
happened in Iraq.

August 5th, 2002: DSBR receives a response from DIA to a 
1999 FOIA on Iraqi Nuclear Reactors ( PLURAL ). All nine
documents are NOT releasable, which further confirms DOD's
unwillingness to divulge mistakes it made in Iraq when
bombing its nuclear materials.
The Ministry of Defense has started an attempt to overturn a 
landmark legal ruling which officially recognizes Gulf War Syndrome
August 13th, 2002: DHSD is trying to say at this time that 52 
of the 112 SHAD missions never took place. They have names of 
the missions, but supposedly canceled. Yet, in 1963 over 24 other 
classified naval missions took place were the Deck Logs are 
missing. With more than 1044 classified naval missions in the 
1960's, how can so many not be tied to SHAD.

August 24th, 2002:
The different Gulf War advocacy groups are
asking the same question now, if VA says it only has 183,037 
Service Connected Gulf War then why does the United States 
Census shows 325,000 Service Connected Gulf War vets based 
on VA data. This is further compounded by the fact that word 
inside the VA is that over a 100,000 additional Gulf War vet 
claims are in limbo in the backlog ( insider VISN Data with 
Presidential claims task force ). At the same time the VA GWI 
Research Advisory Committee seems to be having a hard time 
getting the VACOLS GWVIS 300,000+ database from BVA. 
Word in the system is that these numbers would effect a 
deployment into Iraq since the administration wont come clean 
on Gulf War illness.
Page 14
Section No. 515
Also, it appears that Gulf War vets wanting to be sent the 
War-Related Illness and Injury Study Clinic are not able 
to do so since many VAMC's wont pay for the transportation 
to the 2 East Coast clinics. Helen Malaskiewicz is the senior
person on this, and is aware of the problem. However, this was 
a ongoing problem I ran into with the earlier Gulf War Referral 
Centers -  and they were more accessible than these clinics. It 
may take legislation to fix this problem, and all the while the 
clinic will produce skewed results since veterans cant get there.
September 12th, 2002 - Gulf War Illness Not Stress-Linked 
As the United States readies for a potential second round 
of war in Iraq, British scientists say Gulf War illness from the 
first conflict isn't fallout from stress or other psychological trouble.
September 13th, 2002 - Sen. Pat Roberts says he now believes 
that Navy Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher, the first reported 
casualty of the Gulf War, is alive and being held in Iraq.
September 16th, 2002 - MSNBC invites 6 Gulf War vets to 
speak on the show about the pending deployment to Iraq, but 
the interview shortens to 8 minutes of which they give DOD 
sympathizer Jan Megans the lions share - who does NOT
represent the majority of Gulf War vets opinions. Kirt Love 
and Dave Seipel do at least get some comments in.
MSNBC Sept 16 2002
September 20th, 2002 - We meet with DHSD, and we have
5 groups represented with us. The interview shows that not
only is DHSD no longer willing to answer questions, they basically
want us to do their job for them. We may have gotten 19 letters 
answered from August 3rd, but it doesnt take much effort to tell 
us to go look to the other agencies for DHSD. Troops deploying 
into Iraq are as prepared as we were 12 years ago, which is to 
say allot of people are going to die. 
DHSD answer letter page
October 9th 2002: "Although DOD is fielding new NBC equipment, 
troops currently deploying are leaving with the same equipment troops 
deployed into Iraq 12 years ago,” says Kirt P. Love, director of the 
Desert Storm Battle Registry and a Gulf War veteran.
Veterans Groups Berate U.S. Biochemical Force Protection- Newmax.com
October 10th 2002: The Pentagon sprayed biological and chemical 
agents off the coast of San Diego during the Cold War, part of a 
series of previously undisclosed tests in several states that exposed 
troops and perhaps thousands of civilians to the compounds, 
defense officials said Wednesday.

"Most of these people didn't have a clue what they were part 
of," said Kirt Love, a veterans advocate with the Desert Storm 
Battle Registry who contended that in many cases only senior 
officers were aware of the tests. "These were not safe agents 
at the time."
Cold War Bio-Weapon Test Include California- La Times
October 12th 2002: 
For 11 years, Kirt Love, who served in the Army during Operation 
Desert Storm, has been plagued by migraines, respiratory problems, 
and especially the memory of a vicious battle he witnessed between 
Allied forces and the Iraqi Republican Guard.
Another war with Iraq, he says, “will be a bloodbath from start to finish.”
Gulf War Veterans Emotions Mixed- Winchester Star
October 22nd, 2002:
Meeting between VA Execs and DSBR:
Jeffery E. Phillips - Deputy Assistant Secretary for VA Public Affairs
Mark Brown Ph.D. - Director of the VA's Environmental Agents Service
Thomas G. Bowman - Acting Assistant Secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs
Kirt Love - Director, DSBR; Board member of DSJF
Venus Hammack - Administrator, DSBR; Board member of DSJF 
The meeting goes surprisingly well as we cover a wide area of issues 
over a two hour period. The content of the meeting can be found at:
October 28th, 2002: 
VA RAC recommendations to Sec Anthony Principi
Having had a year to produce a agenda and recommendations, the
committee falls short of veteran expectations. Understaffed, under
budgeted, and overloaded - the meeting shows these and other issues 
needing a broader pen stroke. The first day was unpleasant as the 
committee gave the audience the impression it didn't want input outside 
the committee ( audience participation ). When I asked VA PAO if this 
was intentional, they said "no". Day 2 seemed better as the audience 
got brief periods to interact, but day 3 interfering parties on the 
committee went back to monopolizing it with private agendas. They 
may have gotten a budget increase, but without a plan to reconstitute 
a way to get vets back in the door - who will find these research 
projects when they start. It doesnt look malicious in nature, it just 
looks like it will take a while for these people to find their footing. 
Much like other committees though, they havent really responded 
to veteran input - and veteran material addressed to them throughout 
the year is noticeably missing. 
Kirt Loves remarks
Dave Seipel's remarks 
Venus Hammack's remarks:
VA Doubles Gulf War Research Funding - PR
VA RAC website
November 6th 2002: 
Love is most worried, however, that no significant lessons have
been learned from what happened in the first Gulf War, as the
U.S. is poised to enter another war in the same region. "We
are going to be repeating the same mistakes with Gulf War II,"
he said.
What's causing Gulf War Illness- Disaster News Network
November 11th 2002: 
"Our government knows our equipment is not up to standards,"
Love said. "This isn't going to be the same as before. This is going
to be a bloody affair. They haven't shown us that they have learned 
Iraqi Battleground Fiercer Veterans say- Washington Post
Veterans Day - November 11th 2002
As America prepares for war, we at DSBR cant help but feel a 
kind of dread as Gulf War II looms on the horizon. That next year 
about this time we will talk about these vets, and say to ourselves 
why did we go back. Still, today we salute Americas soldiers and 
thank them for their service to their country - all 24 million.
November 15th 2002: 
We met again with VA Execs at the HQ across from the Whitehouse.
Progress is slow as they consider our materials carefully, and we
stress that the RAC isn't visible when it comes to working content.
Also, it appears that VA likes our idea of a SHAD registry like the
Persian Gulf Registry. In the mail we get the DHSD response letter 
to our September 20th meeting, and find it necessary to schedule 
another meeting in December to address this, and Gulf War II, SHAD.
November 15th 2002 DOD - DHSD response Letters to Sept 20th
December 7th 2002:
Venus Hammack and Kirt Love have a interview with French ARTE TV 
as they explain how they do not agree with President George Bush 
on the coming assault of Iraq. Its not about National Security, its  
about economics - and that's not what the military was created for.
December 10th 2002:
As we talked with Mike Kilpatrick, we found ourselves repeating 
messages from the last 2 meetings. DHSD is NOT answering our 
questions to our satisfaction. The biggest issue we still are holding
to them, changing the words in many of the narratives from "unlikely"
to "possible". This would help with Title 38 issues toward service
connection in Gulf War vet claims. Number 2 is the 3 year old issue
of the AFIP's Gulf War tissue vaults not being cataloged for researchers. 
Troop readiness for the Gulf War II is upsetting, since we are NOT 
ready. There's more, but we discuss it on our mail list.
December 17th 2002:
7:45pm MSNBC, Frank Luntz - Iraq Smoking Gun 
Kirt Love comments:
It is not our job as the WORLD PEACEKEEPERS to police Iraq. 
We are going to waste upwards of a $100 billion on this war when 
we don't even take care of our people here at home.
December 22nd, 2002: 
Associated Press - Susan Gamboa
Sarin studies may offer clues to Gulf War illnesses
Low levels of sarin nerve gas can affect behavior and organ 
functions in laboratory animals at least a month after exposure, 
according to new research that may provide clues to the 
mysterious illnesses suffered by veterans of the Persian 
Gulf war.
December 30th, 2002: 
Disaster News Network - Travis Dunn
Studies track Gulf War illness -- but too late?
Recent studies investigating the effects of low levels of
sarin nerve gas on animals appear to confirm the theory
that some forms of Gulf War illness may have been
caused by the exposure of U.S. troops to nerve gas. 
December 30th, 2002:
Die Weltwoche Magazine - Martin Killian
The battle of the veterans
Numerous Americans, who fought in the Gulf War, warn
of a military strike against Saddam Hussein. Who are the
people, which the Iraqi Tyrant actually loose will want,
but, face the government Bush with highest skepticism?
January 15th, 2003:
FDA partial response to 1999 FOIA F00-20757
Anthrax Vaers report of Anthrax Vaccine
674 pages of peoples adverse reaction to the Anthrax 
Vaccinations from 1990 to 2000. 3.4 megs
Anthrax Vaers report of Anthrax Vaccine part 2
125 pages of peoples adverse reaction to the Anthrax 
Vaccinations from 2000  to 2002. 256K
January 22nd, 2003:
7:45pm MSNBC, Frank Luntz - Iraq Smoking Gun 
Kirt Love comments:
Full disclosure, and that the information is old and has 
not been disclosed since the last war. Other nations 
do NOT support this war. That the evidence is NOT there.
I said that Americans should have full disclosure, but its 
more than likely DOD wont since they didnt last time 
12 years ago.
January 24th, 2003:
7:45pm MSNBC, Frank Luntz - Should we go in without the UN 
Kirt Love comments:
This is a economic issue of how we keep OPEC on the edge. 
This is about the price of oil. Saddam is in a box, he cant 
travel to EuroDisney. 
January 24, 2003 
DSBR signs a global UN petition against War in Iraq. 
We do not want American soldiers to die needlessly,
later we find the Pentagon has ordered 77,000 body
bags for the troops in the Gulf.       
January 24, 2003 
DSBR sent a joint letter with the NGWRC to Sec Anthony 
Principi on Sarin Research on January 15th, and in the news 
today Sec Anthony Principi comments on Sarin research. 

January 28th, 2003:
9:00 pm MSNBC, Hardball  - President State of the Union Address
This is a economic issue of how we keep OPEC on the edge. 
This is about the price of oil. Gas prices will go up as the
economy goes down. Venus calls President Bush 
"Cheney's Puppet". 
February 3rd, 4th, 2003:
VA RAC  - A year later and a dollar short
Its so upsetting to watch what has become little more than 
a small monopolized program that will fall short of it potential.
2 days of twisting in the wind, and now where does it go. 
Venus points out her view of the committee
February 5th, 2003 
We met with DHSD, and asked for a follow up to our past 
meetings. We were asked not to record this meeting as 
Mike Kilpatrick's staff scrambled for materials from the last 
meeting. They had little for us.
Overview of the meeting and documents
DHSD provided a really lame response letter to our four months of questions 
during our meetings with them, so this May 2nd meeting with them was 
more frustrating because it wasn't reassuring that troops coming home 
from Iraqi Freedom would get what they bargained for. 
May 2nd DHSD review page with response letters
We continue here at DSBR to ask questions, and ask that you join
our discussion group at GulfLINK Mail List. Not to worry, by joining 
our list you will see that OSAGWI will also see your message as well -
they ( and many other government agencies ) monitor us daily for news
and updates.
                   Kirt P. Love
                   Disabled Gulf War Veteran 

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