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Website debunking the Special Assistant 
for Gulf War Illnesses
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Updated:  September 26th, 2022
This website is from the early days of OSAGWI and is reflective of the
beginning appearance.  It does not look like the last incarnation only
because that got so watered down. The military Gulflink keeps changing
hands and URL's to hide it. There eventual goal is to delete it outright.
Once I die off then this website fades, they win, and it all will vanish. Forgotten
chapter of America. Until then, this website is a reminder of those forgotten
vets betrayal by America.

DOD sits on a vast amount of records that the bulk have been reclassified Top
Secret to be hidden for 50 years. Under the guise of WMD clause in the
national security records review system. Originally the records were listed
and reviewed like this:
1995 - 20,000,000 Gulf War military records declassified
1996 - 6,000,000 files given to OSAGWI to put on website
1996 - 1,700,000 files are medically relevant
1997 - 42,943 put up on gulflink.osd.mil website
At a cost of $150,000,000 less than .007% of the Gulf War Military 
records have been declassified for public release. 16 years later 
99.993% is classified , and the Pentagon has vowed to reclassify 
these records. This include Confidential Records that should have 
been released at the 15 year mark. They were not, and not at 20 years,
25 years, or 30 years. To protect private interest that profited from the war
and protect government officials from over 44,000 mistakes made there.

On February 14th 1999 I sent OSAGWI a FOIA asking for the bulk 
of its records names be declassified, and sent to me. I received a 
partial reply from General Vesser in a box with 2,877 pages, and 
two CD's. On the CD was the Structured database file and other part 
was a unstructured file. Again, only of the 42,943 files on the 
public server. In the Nov 5th1999 response letter from OSAGWI to 
me they explained they were processing the classified portion of the 
log sheets for me. That was the last I ever heard from them on paper 
concerning this FOIA. It remains mostly unanswered to this day 
OSAGWI database file of 42,943 files 
OSAGWI response to me concerning partial response to FOIA
on the other 6,000,00 files.

The Pentagon hides behind Executive Order 13292 so that the bulk
of what happened in the Gulf remains hidden from the public. Except
this is criminal intent to withhold information of neglect, misconduct,
mishandling, and much worse during the Gulf War. The very same
people who say nothing happened are the ones with full knowledge
of those records, and vow to conceal them at all cost. The same people
who lead us back to Iraq again under false terms, and created yet another
disaster to live down.
There should be FULL public disclosure, and we have the right to know 
what really happened in Iraq from 1990 to present. Only, America has
no interest in the truth or the rights of her veterans. This is a shameful
chapter of our history that ended up sending troops back and back under
false pretenses then betrayed them as well. We even protested sending
the troops in 2003, proven right for doing so, and still glossed over as the
occupation of Iraq went sour. Now a 2 trillion eye sore that America wants
to forget. There is no justice for the vets that served there then or now. There
wont till everyone connected to this has been dead a long time. The truth
buried not for national security, but economics, and the millions of lives
it destroyed over oil prices.

September 26th, 2022

The phone campaign on DC has begun

Early today I got he automated email from the Sec of VA office that my
complaints have been passed on to VHA. Only, Ive gotten these before
this year. Dead letter office till now.

It had been a long time since I called the White House itself. Did today only to
find they killed that 202 number. Things are even worse than I guessed. So
I called the White House veteran VA hotline at 855-948-2311 only to find
its not at the White house any more. OMG, they put the fox in charge of the
hen house. But, turns out my email was also sent to them and the complaint
number is 8524321. So will hold my breath on this? Yeah right.

( Part 2 of the white house numbers. )
Really? Ive had a forgotten secret phone number all these years that Donald
Trump killed off? Now I have dozens of others that he had killed off. 202-456
is dead all the way down the list. 202-456-5484 wasnt among there list. But,
Biden decided to keep it that way. Hide in plain sight. This does not deter me.

What the Secretary of VA does not get is this time Im going to call anyone and
everyone around DC like I used to do 20 plus years ago. This time Im going
all out to make a scene like I used to in 1999. Till its impossible to ignore or
avoid me. The last year now demands it. I think the scale of this has gone
wildly out of bounds by any comparison. Im done being ignored.

This all is a firewall, I intend to tear down this firewall. The one built slowly
since 2008 till now its absolute. Which means I will have to stand in front
of the White house with a picket sign soon. That is now on the books.

You folks went way too far, and now I have to go public in some really big way.
Draw attention to our GWI plight. Rather than be spit on any more. Only to
be crushed by the wealthy in some new more cruel way. Cause right now
GWI vets have NO representation on the hill and VA plans to wait us out
openly. We have no rights, hurry up and die you scummy vets, Really? Ive
been the bench mark to how far they can and will go at RAC meetings. To
mistreat and vilify a vet in the open in front of others. That my former VA GWI
advisory committee had zero value in the past. Good ole boy system.

Contempt is the name of the game, not progress. Time to call that out.

September 25th, 2022

RAC meeting Sept 21-22nd

This was a mix of things for me. The usual snide condescending attitude
from the committee, and yet good news - they got rid of the chairman.
After a year of begging for his removal I guess they heard me. Since I was
writing the Secretary of VA about him over and over.

The meeting was filled with endless technical flaws for both days. Day
2 was much much worse. I saved the chat bar session for both days
including the drop out part when they reset the Webex peer.

What I tired of was 3 different folks who had to control the meeting in there
own manic ways. It was highly disruptive and was keeping others from
being heard more. Room fool of chiefs, and no indians. Only, it was 50
armies of one trying to cancel each other out. Was almost comical at
times how it came off so petty like shouting on twitter. Text bombing.
Not real content either, just endless commentary. One liners to keep
others from posting. Boring at best.

One thing I really did not like, they still havent posted the presentations
from that day. I said on the chat bar it would be two weeks, and the RAC
staff said right after the meeting. Well, its Sunday and nothing. Meeting
ended Thursday. Could have let us download them that day on Webex.
Nope, lets treat the vets like crap once more - who will do anything about
it? Certainly not Congress or anyone else. VA is above the law and its
anything goes. With tax payer dollars.

Then I tried to get back on the Airborne Hazards and Burn pit registry.
VA says Im not on it after being one of the first to apply. Now a new
road block. Deployment locations. Gulf war, Desert Storm, it does not
offer that for Iraq. I knew this was rigged when you cant pull up the southern
regions or the Madina Ridge. Dozens of spots around the oil well areas
that dont come up either. Its geared for OIF from 2003 to present. How
many thousands of GWI vets have been turned away by this screen.
Search aspect only offers newer deployments in middle and northern Iraq.
Im outraged by this. Its going to take me weeks of data mining the servers
to pick this apart and find some on my locations. As it does NOT use
grid coordinates or GPS data.

I wrote once more to the Secretary of VA, and I spelled out much of the
last year up till now. I truly doubt he will do right by me now. He hasnt
all year long. He is afraid of me, or so lofty that Im a peasant to him.
Either way, he certainly isnt brave enough to respond to me himself.
Sad part is, he will be gone shortly like the others - I have to learn yet
another Secretary of VA all over again. 8 of them so far for me. I liked
Brown, Principi the best. Peake gave me my committee. Others have
been much worse. Snide, rude, mean.
Letter to Sec of VA Denis McDonough

Im not going away, and Ive done it by the book all year long. If its this
bad for me, how bad is it for others who dont under stand the system?
How many tens of thousands are being driven away each year on purpose?
With loop holes, dirty tricks, technical flaws, and just simply not having
a answering machine for VA offices like the WRIISC. Its all one way the
bulk of the time. Dictatorial. Vicious.

People go boo hoo hoo around me, and yet they arent out doing me. Get
out of my way and let me get something done. As for VA, mediocrity has
crippled you. Either change path or get out of my way. We did it your way
for 12 years now and its dead locked. You cant improve on it and wont. So
let me have a crack at it. Ive got ideas by the box load and its based on
what I lived through including this year. Your top down, Im bottom up. Only,
Im the customer and this isnt working. In real business circles, you would
be chapter 13 and living under a bridge. $100 billion dollar bloated failure
that would not survive in any other arena with all the twisted loop hole
laws VA hides behind. Your not even transparent about your budgets.

30 plus years for me of all this. I have the right to complain, What I would
like is a crack at fixing some of this rather than watch it get worse. Its so
distorted and convoluted now the only happy people are the worst ones
still employed making sure no one else can get them fired. Legacy VA and
DOD employees with grudges decimating thousands of lives.

Simplify folks, distill this down. CFR 38 is supposed to be fluid. Its stagnant.
Then lets cut away to fat and get to meat of this. Instead of pretending I
dont exist and your doing a great job by rigged polls. I dont share your
glowing internal reviews of your infrastructure. Too many upper crust
going to expensive training camps and bonuses for failing at your jobs.

You dont want this critique? Then stop treating me like Im a migrant
farm worker with no rights. Im a combat veteran, and I wasnt playing
in port - I was being shot at in Iraq all the time. 100 hours of endless
moments that this was it - that one would get me. Boom. Boom. Hour
after hour. How dare you insult that.

Lets try a different direction that doesnt involve more years of this. Maybe
we try actually making some hard progress. Instead of keeping us at bay
year after year with your ringers and bogus programs.

Its time to do some work, and Im eager to do my part. With some help.

September 18th, 2022

WRIISC exam wrap up, getting my General ham license
and the coming RAC meeting Sept 21-22nd

Boy what a action packed month it has been for me. Things happened literally
by the hour. It all over lapped with the WRIISC exams and studies that went
on and on. First there were 17 video conferences, and then more kept being
added on. This time, TBI came up, and caught me by surprise. So the whole
thing shifted on me.

I had just gotten my ham license upgrade to General. Then applied for the
RACES ham emergency management system. Got on the ham air, attended a
few ham net meetings. Fixed a vast number of technical problems on my end
pretty much alone. Then kept moving onto APRS and other systems. Found
the area is a wasteland more than I knew. New task for this. New plan.

Locally, Im not allowed to comment for now. Not going to interfere with the
people investigating. Lets just say others went too far, and now they have a
very unwanted form of attention. They didnt know when to stop.

The WRIISC was comparing notes from 2008 to 2022 and found that I was not
degenerating like I thought. But, way too much emphasis was put once more
on psychology and PTSD. The test were highly biased with trick question
designed to make a person fall into 1 of 5 categories - all meant to be some
form of personality disorder. Like about 10 hours of this which I felt was obsessive
and needless. You cant tell a agenda is still here and deployment health is
still using its grudge match to condemn Gulf war vets.

All said and done I managed to use this exam cluster to my advantage despite
the way it was handled. Ruled out so many things. Positive I made a lasting
impression on most of these folks. As for Dr. Barrett, his build up to the final
comments was a huge let down. Gave the impression we were going to
change my world, and maybe a benefits increase. Then he fell flat on me and
bet the farm on PTSD. Nothing changed for me, and nothing will if I follow his
methods. But, not counting on him and not worried about it. VA isnt serious
about helping me and pushing me into the PTSD hole ties my hands as a
personality disorder. Willed myself sick. Grounds for dismissal of other
physical disorders. Somatic. This hasnt changed for 2 decades now. 3.317
fails at this one as well.

The coming RAC meeting is no better, VA gutted them once more but left
the chairman in place to decimate further. His double speak and back handed
methods have done just what VA wanted him to do. Keep people guessing and
spinning in place. Meetings get bigger and people assume they are being heard.
Unless its research, not enough looked at. Neither is the chat bar they all assume
is being recorded. Im the only one doing that. These meetings would not be so
bad if they were in person. Then these folks could not get away with all this.
The exceptionally rude and condescending committee could not get away with
this in public rather than hiding online. Just what VA wants.

Im kicking ass all over the place. To a silent audience. As no one helps no one
is the real montra here. 2 wrongs make a right, cancel out reality. Sooner or
later reality will set in and then some light is going to get shed on a bunch
of hidden issues that need airing out. When dishonesty back fires on all and
the hole backs up under them. I can wait, I see it coming.

All year long Ive systematically tackled the Gulf war system from scratch and
found it still designed to fail. From the Gulf war Registry exam, burn pit registry.
WRIISC referral process, WRIISC exam system, and how VA handled me from
the top down in all this. Including the cowardly Sec of VA McDonough trying to
avoid direct interaction with me all year long. Oh, you can email him alright -
he just hides in his office. His staff certainly do the same. Nothing like past
Secretaries of VA Ive interacted with. Not a short list either.

These people are as dishonest as they can get. So that means the RAC meeting
on the 21st and 22nd is going to be so blatant it will defy logic. The chairman and
staff will put on there rose colored glasses and pretend people like me dont exist.
Which other shameful so called advocates have tried to cash in on that. A perfect
dynamic for VA to remain static. Distant, off the mark.

Just like with the PACT act, a end of life benefits program. This is a terrible law
that VA plans to abuse as if its magic. Its really to help the terminally ill leave
benefits to there spouses and children. Of course they jumped on this because
it really didnt change he presumption models. The diagnoses part and ICD 9.
The misisng part is quality of life for those that arent terminal yet.

Im going through the motions here by the book, and VA is failing me on simple
stuff. If its failing me and Im very well versed, then its really failing others that
dont know what to ask or how. VA loves this part, saving money at the expense
of veterans lives. How many died this year due to this? We wont know, there is
no monitoring or reporting this for real. If it wasnt in VA care than it didnt happen
and they dont report that. 92% cant get it. VA wins. All is well.

The show down with VA over all this is when, not if. The severity of this grows
with each passing week. Im still here, I didnt vanish. VA and the secretary of
VA would love if I did. Cowards.

August 14th, 2022

Pact Act, and A government spiraling out of control

It all kind of came together watching Congress deal with Trump, just how
openly dishonest America has become. How each side knew what the other
was doing in Washington DC, and how far the abuses went. Just how far
national security has only become a tool of the rich to cover up there tracks.
Then when there fellow billionaires dont like it, turn on each other.

How can I possible get the Gulf war records released when a hand full of
very crooked people control our countries darkest secrets unopposed. As
each President since 1990 knows what is hidden at NARA. They have to
cover it up, or risk exposure. Just like Trump hinted at 911 once the heat
was on him. Give the Bush family a black eye. Detract from him.

Then I watched the Pact Act in play. Congress tried to kill it just like it tried
to kill PL105-368 in 1997. The irony is, this is a toothless law that really wont
grant very many service connections. Which is why VA is embracing it now
like it "always' endorsed it? OMB and others in VA picked its weak points
apart and already plan to stall like they did with Gulf War vets. To minimize
payouts, care, and the actual veteran that need it the most. Figure about
less than 5% even getting anything out of this, and 30% rating or less.

The new trick with VA is to poison the research aspect of this, and redirect
the funds to other projects like they did with the WRIISC. In about 5 years
people will see this when its too late. Because, VA does not have to publish
where the money actually goes. No accountability.

Ive cut the rest of Gulflink off. Might as well. Veterans wont rally, and VA is
not accountable to Congress or the vets. Pact Act was a bone to lull these
people back to sleep. Its NOT a victory. Its not sweeping, and filled with
loop holes. Ive been at this 25 years, and Ive seen it up close most of that.
Clerk of the house, and HVAC didnt even warn these folks.

Well, come October is the great credit card defaults of all those people who
lived on credit most of the last 2 years. Bled dry by the rich, live for today
as its all going back to normal next week? Keep spending. Its wiped out
the poor who now have maxed out. The damage is too great, and trillions
in derivatives will vanish over night as the banks go into margin call. Then
China and Russia will make there moves in the chaos.

Im surrounded by idiots. Watching them tug at a very fragile thread in a
dozen directions. Powerless, and having to brace for the obvious. What
could I possible know, Im just a poor dumb vet. I have no value to anyone.
Just because Im not wealthy, and ruthless?

Simple is better in all things. Living on so little. Keeping away from the
distractions, and empty promises. Go devalue yourselves. Im going to
focus on my plants, chickens, and ignore you all. America gutted itself,
and is a lost country. Its going to learn from its mistakes shortly. That
living on credit is a very bad idea. Inflating to infinity.

Good luck with all that people. Im scaling back and focus on common sense
stuff. As I know better on so very many levels, and Im done explaining them.
Go fake each other out. See where we all end up a year from now.
      Kirt P. Love 
      Disabled Gulf War Veteran 
              Former member: VA Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans
      Contact: Kirt Love - ( Email updated April 5th 2020 )
                   P.O. Box 414, 
                   Crawford, Tx 76638

Note: We continue here at DSBR to ask questions, and ask 
that you join our discussion group at the new GulfLINK2021 
Mail List. As Yahoo cut off the 20 year old list and deleted
the contents like we never existed.



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