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Website debunking the Special Assistant 
for Gulf War Illnesses
green line
Updated:  February 3rd 2023
This website is from the early days of OSAGWI and is reflective of the
beginning appearance.  It does not look like the last incarnation only
because that got so watered down. The military Gulflink keeps changing
hands and URL's to hide it. There eventual goal is to delete it outright.
Once I die off then this website fades, they win, and it all will vanish. Forgotten
chapter of America. Until then, this website is a reminder of those forgotten
vets betrayal by America.

DOD sits on a vast amount of records that the bulk have been reclassified Top
Secret to be hidden for 50 years. Under the guise of WMD clause in the
national security records review system. Originally the records were listed
and reviewed like this:
1995 - 20,000,000 Gulf War military records declassified
1996 - 6,000,000 files given to OSAGWI to put on website
1996 - 1,700,000 files are medically relevant
1997 - 42,943 put up on website
At a cost of $150,000,000 less than .007% of the Gulf War Military 
records have been declassified for public release. 16 years later 
99.993% is classified , and the Pentagon has vowed to reclassify 
these records. This include Confidential Records that should have 
been released at the 15 year mark. They were not, and not at 20 years,
25 years, or 30 years. To protect private interest that profited from the war
and protect government officials from over 44,000 mistakes made there.

On February 14th 1999 I sent OSAGWI a FOIA asking for the bulk 
of its records names be declassified, and sent to me. I received a 
partial reply from General Vesser in a box with 2,877 pages, and 
two CD's. On the CD was the Structured database file and other part 
was a unstructured file. Again, only of the 42,943 files on the 
public server. In the Nov 5th1999 response letter from OSAGWI to 
me they explained they were processing the classified portion of the 
log sheets for me. That was the last I ever heard from them on paper 
concerning this FOIA. It remains mostly unanswered to this day 
OSAGWI database file of 42,943 files 
OSAGWI response to me concerning partial response to FOIA
on the other 6,000,00 files.

The Pentagon hides behind Executive Order 13292 so that the bulk
of what happened in the Gulf remains hidden from the public. Except
this is criminal intent to withhold information of neglect, misconduct,
mishandling, and much worse during the Gulf War. The very same
people who say nothing happened are the ones with full knowledge
of those records, and vow to conceal them at all cost. The same people
who lead us back to Iraq again under false terms, and created yet another
disaster to live down.
There should be FULL public disclosure, and we have the right to know 
what really happened in Iraq from 1990 to present. Only, America has
no interest in the truth or the rights of her veterans. This is a shameful
chapter of our history that ended up sending troops back and back under
false pretenses then betrayed them as well. We even protested sending
the troops in 2003, proven right for doing so, and still glossed over as the
occupation of Iraq went sour. Now a 2 trillion eye sore that America wants
to forget. There is no justice for the vets that served there then or now. There
wont till everyone connected to this has been dead a long time. The truth
buried not for national security, but economics, and the millions of lives
it destroyed over oil prices.

February 3rd, 2023

Calling the White House 9:30am there time Friday

By the White House standards, today as a bad day to call. I kept getting 
routed to the comments section which was closed today. They keep bankers
hours I guess.

In the past a Liaison officer was on premises that you could talk to. They
moved that over to VA who ignores it unless its financial hardship.

So tried to call the White House operator, and argued with two of them for
a few minutes. One sent me to comments which was closed. The other
made it clear that comments was the only option. That it would be open
Tuesday next week.

This makes it official, unless your part of the government - you cant reach
anyone like you used to. Above the law, and out of reach of the common
person. Hurry up and wait?

It wasnt this way with the Clintons, and that is the role model?

Contacted the White House, House and Senate, about
Google blocking my website - I think Sec of VA Denis
McDonough requested it

Its bad enough that the 32 year mark the Gulf war records are still concealed.
Not to be made public till 50 years have passed. By now its a blatant cover
up to protect war criminals that profited for the war. Im the last person left
calling out the 6,000,000 records, and getting rid of me finally puts the war
in the past. A person who owns a military domain name to do so. The only
person to ever do so.

Just as I found out the website had been gutted and started putting content
back up in December, Google stops crawling and claims it cant index me.
Try all I might, the Google tools wont index me even though Godaddy says
Im up. There not responsible for Google and such.

Took me time to figure out what happened, people telling me I had been
hacked. It was more than that. This was out right suppression. Make me look
like I dont exist. 23 years of hard work and dozens of interviews just simply
not there any more. Im being erased.

Sec of VA Denis McDonough has spent the last year dodging me. Im pretty
sure because at the advent of the PACT act I was about to prove a good chunk
of all this coming out is rigged to fail. Same time a NAS report says so about
the Burn Pit Registry ( ABHOR ). In fact, almost a dozen items all year long
as I run the gambit of all these programs that failed me. Then there is the
issue of my former VA advisory committee they want covered up. Forgotten.

Im little more than a political prisoner now in my home. I have no rights and
Im supposed to just stay shut in my house out of the way of others who
do not seem to have anyones best interest at heart. Locally, state, or the
federal level. Im in the way of progress? Who's progress? Certainly not any
of the people that served in the military the last 32 years.

How can I not be alarmed, this is my life. Which has no value apparently. That
23 years of work helping others was stupid of me. How dare I. Really? That
my military service is of no value. War veteran? Means nothing. Then what
does have value right now in the country? Certainly not me.

February 2nd, 2023

The pending RAC presentation in Hawaii, and the toxic media

The RAC wont get one fact at the meeting when I present. I found my own 
medical answers.
In VA's eyes, Im almost normal. Blood labs are almost middle ground now.
Blood Pressure was 126 / 76. I have solid stools. Fully lucid. Full use of
my appendages. Granted there are other issues and this isnt a cure, Im
much more functional that even two years ago. First time in 32 years. At
the age of 58? Never be like before the war, but Im not pricing coffins right
now. ( $600 )
My research paid off, and saved my life. No one cares. Well, my doctor
at VA is impressed if no one else is. He doesnt argue with me on labs or
medicines. He gets Im on to something.

The people Im trying to get this across to dont have answers. That if
anything else my methods treat geriatric conditions, and improve the
quality of life for the elderly if nothing else. Something Im going to take
up with the VA geriatric committee in April.
Stigma, personal bias, arrogance, contempt, apathy. All the hallmarks of
subjective reasoning. While I struggle so hard with objective reasoning.
Am I kidding myself or not? Only when it comes to how low others will sink.
So my own answer is simple, I will out live these folks, and present my
findings when these people are finally out of the way. Which wont be much
longer from the looks of things.
Still leaves my fight over Gulf War healthcare and benefits that no one is
helping with. Whole crowd is fixated on research which is a dead end.
PACT act and ABHOR producing false hopes. No avenues or committees
that even care about any of this.
This crowd needs me, and it will sort of figure that out at this RAC meeting
in a few days. If people dont bury each other in personal commentary, and
singular circular arguments.
Im at the apex of my own career, at what looks like the worst moment to be
there in American history. When people are drowning in apathy, and mean
indifference. Especially the now toxic media with its jaded agendas.
I dont even have to share my results. Im not benefiting from doing so right
now. Im being gracious, and battling a all uphill war over others peoples
egocentric issues. That Im the problem?
People should realize by now Im a force of nature, and ignoring me doesnt
make me go away.
Time will prove me out.

January 31st, 2023

The Toxic Exposures Screening with the Waco VAMC nurse

Did my Toxic Exposure screening over the phone. Its what I was afraid of.
Self report Ice storm messing it up going in, so its going to be done by phone. Without coaching, you have to tell the doctors what you think might be the issue. Then they apply standard medicine to it. This wont find anything using traditional labs. This is designed to fail. I gave this nurse a earful, and gave her the history of SHAD, ionizing radiation, Vietnam, gulf war, OIF, and medical evidence collection among them by program. The most complicated screenings she will ever do was me. H2S, fuming nitric acid, oil well smoke, dusty mustard, recursive compounds, dioxins, industrial pollutants, silicosis, ammonium perchlorate, burning vehicles, CARC paint, diesel fuel, spent vehicle oils, tent heaters, burning EOD demolitions, chemical weapons laying in the open, burning nuclear reactors and fuels, bombing debris, and so much more. You watch what I do with this information and VA. Trying to guide others when doing these exams, Because they dont know what to offer VA. Self reporting relies on education, and most gulf war vets still dont get what happened. The say Gulf war syndrome and that falls flat. They say undiagnosed conditions and VA diagnoses badly, there are no undiagnosed conditions. This all hinges on blood labs, and only forensic toxicology would be able to prove anything. Im asking to change that. Keep in mind I dont fault the
VA nurses and doctors. This is bad executive policy from above making
them do this in a rudimentary way that fails. The problem is 810 Vermont
street in DC, and it wanting to fail at this.

There is considerable opposition by the media and social
media to the RAC Hawaii meeting Feb 7th, 8th, 9th
OMG, I have never worked so hard in my life to get out information just
about a RAC meeting for Gulf War vets. I dont know what is with all this
opposition to the story, Finally, by Sunday one story gets out and its
being shunned even in Hawaii.

American media has bent over backwards to keep this at bay. Im stunned
at how weird and ugly people are being about this event. I would swear they
are being told not to publish this. PACT act, ABHOR, and Gulf War.

Then Google sets out to silence my website. Never happened before.

Posted the article from Hawaii on the Oahu Veteran Center facebook page
and they took it down. The Flyer from VA two times, and now this. They
are hosting the event. Its two days later and the article isnt back up. What,
I cant post it, and they simply wont because I did?

This has gotten sinister to say the least. About a week to go and the global
media seems bent on suppressing this. The hidden message is as dark as
it can get.

Cant get this out with or without my name attached to this. Should have been
in all the newspapers, and TV stations by now. Its a long list now of those that
know of it, and wont touch this. Big names.

January 30th, 2023

Birth defects prevalence among infants of Persian Gulf War veterans
born in Hawaii, 1989-1993
This is a reminder that not just Gulf war veterans are forgotten, but there children
too. In 1993 something happened that lead to this very study. It was quickly
ignored and forgotten.

These studies did not follow a lot of things. Still births, miscarriages, and extreme
deformities. They did not do long term studies of learning disabilities, autism, ADHD,
and so many issue like this.

What happened 30 years later? Is anyone beside me even asking? I pushed these
kinds of issues while on my VA advisory committee in 2008. It was buried with our
committees final report. Then VA happily allowed the Gulf War spouse and children
registry to lapse. Totally wrote these people off.

Journalism is dead, too many fragile egos

In the past I had 3 big moments that got global attention. The opposition to
Presidential Special oversight Board in 2000. The opposition to the troops
going to Iraq in 2003. My getting a federal committee and being on it in 2008.
Right now, its the problems with the PACT act, ABHOR, and the RAC meeting
heading into February 7th, 8th, 9th.

What Ive run up against is universal contempt by the media to virtually any
story that isnt sucking up to the government. Im not allowed to have a attitude
or be angry about it either. Im supposed to be groveling at these peoples feet
accepting any crumb they might dole out rather than tell a story of hardship.
Some of the most mediocre writers Ive ever seen with big chips on there
shoulders. Never mind I live in destitution and hardship, the story isnt about
me and my hurting fellow vets - its about these writers first.

It was hard to get media long ago, but it wasnt this hard. Ive never seen so
many people that put themselves above there story. The lame excuses, and
manners as each one justifies there attitude. The story isnt important unless
it wins them favor with the government, not the public. These folks literally
enjoy devaluing me, and my hardships.

By now Im positive that Sec of VA Denis McDonough contacted Google to
have my website barred heading into the PACT act role out. Its the only thing
that makes sense. As he had the most to loose if I got attention. It would
explain much of the last year and his attitude since February 2022 with me. This
only furthers the contempt shown me having virtually no internet presence.
As Google is a monopoly above the law in situations like this. It can censor the
net when it suite them or the governments.

Whats your end goal here people? Do you not get the irony here. That this
screams George Orwell's class war scenario. Oppression of free speech to
control the masses? All of this is VERY ominous. What you do to others will
soon be done to you as well. Really? Cant happen? It just did.

January 27th, 2023

Google search engine blocking me entirely

Been at a fight between my host provider and Google. Godaddy says they are
doing there job, and dont care if search engines can pick me up. First time
in 23 years this ever happened.

Google on the other hand is a organization that has no way to reach when you
have a problem. Then when you email them, instant referral to there legal team
for litigation. See you in court attitude. Thats tech support?

So GoDaddy says they are up, index file is out there. Google say Godaddy
isnt putting out a index file. Says it cant be indexed. But, they have made
everything of mine disappear off the net between the two. Zero searches and
that with me looking? Right.

OK, Google - my FCC complaint number is 155918753.

The media cant find anything on me, and assumes Im a nut. 23 years of hard
work being buried at a critical moment with VA. This is no accident. Bad part
is since no on cares, they got away with it. The new norm in America, making
people disappear in broad daylight. This is what our government is going to
allow for its citizens, blocking our first amendment rights.

I can tell you this, the local TV stations in Waco are no friend of the veterans.
They are rude, condescending snobs writing puff pieces for the government.
This is nothing like it was just 10 years ago. Im sure they lied about not being
invited to the Temple PACT act role out. Saw no media at it of any kind. Public
Relations at VA is a joke, but its not that bad not to invite anyone from the media.


January 25th, 2023

Media and VA shut out veterans voices now

Doesnt seem to matter where I go to in the country about this RAC meeting
in Hawaii, they wont put up the flyers or talk about it. Total shut out in
Texas, in the US, and in Hawaii. Not with my name by them or just them
without me. For 2 weeks solid of this. Not just one, but dozens from TV
stations to newspapers and such.

Google claims it cant index my website. So its shut me out. Zero searches
even when I search myself. Godaddy says my website is working and
they really dont care if Google cant pull me up. This all means Im being
shut out fate 23 years of the website. All started 3 months ago.

My issue is 3 fold. The PACT act that failed me. ABHOR that has done all it
can not to provide statistical data for 8 years. The RAC meeting in Hawaii
that ORD is trying to sabotage. Now the media had demonstrated hostility
towards me and Gulf war vets regardless of my part.

Can only mean one thing, to censor veteran voices and paint a happy picture
where the PACT act is making it all better when its not. Upbeat stories only
and nothing with a down side. Even to misreport it like with me. As nothing
has changed for me in 20 years, it didnt the last 6 months either.

Now it looks like the new chairman and the RAC staff are doing all they can
to either censor my Powerpoint presentation or just remove my invite. I tried
to reach out to the chairman yesterday, and I got silence. Not even diplomacy
on her part. Shut out.

Im in contact with all manner of people related to this, and the ones that matter
are too sick to be apart of this. They either are too distracted, unaware of anything,
or too confused to focus. Producing a unwelcome silence.

This has begun to take on a Karen Silkwood quality around me, and I know how
that story turned out. Only, Im saying it out loud before it happens, and no one
cares. Which is giving the US government the green light to wipe out other lives
in a similar way nation wide in 2023. To silence veteran voices.

Make no mistake, these folks silence the loudest voices first. Then they silence
the people who knew about this. Then they make sure no one can speak up
about this topic. After that, nothing happened and all is well. Is it?

January 22nd, 2023

Trying to reach out to Jon Stewart for 6 months now

I feel bad for Jon because he so busy promoting the PACT act right now
and no one can tell him if its going wrong. Ive been trying ever since the
PACT act passed to warn them of the pitfalls coming, and how VA will
abuse the letter of the law. 6 months later, and boy its happening.

Sadly, word will get back when its a avalanche that could have been
prevented. As people wont speak up at first. Then it will take time for
someone who cant articulate what happened to them, which isnt that
easy. Once the rejections are in the thousands a year from now the
backlash will hit. That VA largely promoted PTSD as the easy out.
A somatic trap.

This has been ugly for me, slow, painful. Having to start over from scratch
with ever tiny detail around me. To over come the tremendous apathy, and
current mean spirited media. To have my past works trivialized, or suppressed.

At least the people of McGregor have been kind to me. Start small and build
on that. Waco has been nothing but rude, and mean till now. So many snobs
that just want everything to go away. Live in the past, comfortable.

Waco VA official cheers PACT Act, encourages applications

( front page news in Waco )

Im so embarrassed by this puff piece. Im misquoted, and even played
as a moron to VA. So much is left out of this. I certainly got nothing from
the last year, and damn sure no increase for respiratory and GI. The PACT
act failed me in so many ways, and it will others. But, the vets that pushed
it through did the best they could. VA twisted the meaning of the law to
its advantage. Which a year from now people will point out.

I posted a public comment that Im sure they removed by now. So I took a
screenshot to show it was up there. I even asked this writer who's sides is
he on?

American media is so busy playing down the veterans themselves. If its
not upbeat then dont write it. Tells me the government has been weaponized,
and has taken control of the media.

What is missing is Long Covid, and the lies about the ABHOR exam system.
Where only 9% have had a actual exam these last 8 years. That is missing
from the website state by state, participants - not exams. ABHOR and the
other registries play a major part in the PACT act.

Ive been through it all the last year and it all failed me. Im the first to do so.
All the while pointing out each step to Sec of VA Denis McDonough by email.
In return, he has been totally rude to me the whole time. They acknowledge
my emails, he just doesnt feel Im worth writing to. Discrimination.

What a nightmare all this is for me. My life isnt any better, and so far all this
is a lie to say im fine when I live in destitution, and despair. Fighting for my
life every day, and VA stalling me at every step. Hoping I fade away or just
die shortly. Only, Im trying to help the 20,000 Gulf war vets of Hawaii much
less the 3,000,000 the PACT act is going to fail in lots of little ways.

How do I know? Im living it and a year later of trying by there rules my life isnt
better - get that part straight. Im good at this, so how bad is it for those that
Repairing the decade long ongoing damage of
Sec of VA Eric Shinseki
VA was in a turbulent period of fast rotating Secretaries of VA a while back. 
None were staying around very long. A lot unmemorable moments leading to
a really disastrous show down in 2014. Sec of VA Eric Shinsekist
resignation in disgrace.

But, while in office he did a bunch of harm, and personal internal agendas
that VA never set out to fix. Grudge matches that didnt need to happen.

He had it in for the
 Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans, and wanted
its doors closed. Not just for its agenda, and methods, its that I opposed the
committees final report. This was not going to end well. Messy. So VA set
it to play down the committee, and just pretend we never existed.

Having done so, he set out to go after the Research Advisory Committee on
Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses in 2012 that had given him a vote of no
confidence. His answer, get rid of the chairman, and committee members
that spoke ill of him.

Since all this in 2013, its been 10 years of things spiraling down wards
with VA ringers towing the line of each Secretary of VA. In return, its
been dysfunction, and continual losses for Gulf war vets. Having rid of the
remaining reporting systems like the GWVIS, and finally killing off the
VA Gulf war newsletter.

Its happening again with Secretary of VA Denis McDonough who does
not take accountability for his actions, and his staff. For a year I have
written him directly, and they acknowledge they got my emails. Then
no letter from him, no conversations, and his staff even going after people
that did help me. With every Gulf war program, WRIISC, Burn pit Registry,
PACT act role out, and Toxic exposure exam. They dont work. His answer
is to avoid me. Really? Im that scary? Little ole me?

Gulf war vets continue to suffer from BAD VA management, legacy government
personnel, stigma, and what I take as personal discrimination against me.
That I am unworthy of his attention. For what, more of the same?

A really bad trends started in 2009, and the cycle needs to be broken. We
need to address the short sighted, and mean conduct of VA officials that
has lead to so much current dysfunction. As I feel a lottery of random people
right now would put in a more sincere Secretary of VA then one appointed.

Its time for change, and its NOT complicated.

January 21st, 2023

Conditional media and the careful efforts to keep veterans
from speaking up in unison
At this point Im beginning to get things back up on the net. But, there is a trick
to searching Google now. It does not respond to direct inquiries. The shorter
a phrase, then its about strictly popularity rather than topic. To find me you have
to type a sentence like "Kirt Love Gulf War" rather than just my name. Still, Im
finding volumes of things missing. People were asking about my website, and
the Yahoo mail list for some time now, and these weird filters and hidden app
functions were not showing me this.

Granted I wanted my privacy, strive for it. But, it looks like others were taking
advantage of this to try, and wipe out my existence. A grand colorful past unmatched
by others that is being trivialized because mediocrity is the new thing. No one is a
hero these days, and anyone trying must be subverted. The more sincere, the
worse the reaction to them. The era of the anti-heroes. Which there are way too
many of making America worse every day.

This has never been more true than the media Im dealing with now. Talk about
not wanting to report a story. So conditional now. Better be upbeat about the
government and whatever. What? VA seems bent on a misinformation campaign
like never before, and the media cant wait to promote that. Then they try to find
vets to match there stories, and they cant find any. Largely because they want
upbeat stories about VA efforts. So many are carrying grudges, and you get all
this mediocre tripe about the writer, and not the story. Its a huge double standard
and the poor are having to suffer the most for it. This is a social class war.

Everything Im doing to try, and help the 25,000 Gulf war vets of Hawaii before the
Feb RAC meeting is being met with some of the most lame things I have ever seen.
What they are doing is canceling each other out, and making sure that if anything
is said its between 1 to 2 weeks before the meeting. Why? Because this is geared
to reach individuals rather than groups. To divide and conquer. Not enough time
to rally a large collective effort. Having realized the government can defeat "armies
of one", they want this one on one to keep them in submission. The few that do
show will put out there hand, get nothing, and walk away bitter. Silenced.

Ive done all I can to try, and rally the old crowd. Nope, sulky silence. They either
plan to come in as "Armies of one" to attempt to grand stand, or not at all. Each
person has become so jaded, and self centric now they dont plan to work as a
whole which VA is counting on. They have already set out to undermine me like
much of the last 20 years. For what? They had 10 years of this going no where but
down. Driving away people. It failed in 2022 in such a spectacular fashion. More
of the same would only make it worse. Nope, got to fall back on destructive
behavior like a junky looking for one last fix. Ugh....

Only, I know the OIF folks are hurting and trying. They knew real combat and
were sent back to Iraq over and over. They are the ones now in VA at all levels
trying to save themselves. These are the people who showed me kindness the
last 2 years, and that they want to make a difference. They are in VA medical
centers now improving them alone, isolated, over whelmed. Being tricked by
VA executive staff to take the blame for bad management and policies. Im trying
hard to protect these folks from fallout or games

In the end, I can only do so much against a wall of global mediocrity. I have
so many ideas, and 20 years of experience behind that. The people that want
me at bay have nothing, they just dont want me to try. They set out to sabotage
my committee and its largely been that way ever since. The RAC meetings are
mostly circle jerks of egos canceling each other out in a mockish type class
war environment. So much effort into humiliation and keeping the vets at bay.
Anyone but the committee members who have lofted themselves to god hood.
10 years of boorish stagnation VA is thrilled with.

Yes, none of this helps outright. Criticism. But, Im tired of people walking up
to me wanting something then chucking me right after. Thousands of them
like Im some well funded organization just to grant them wishes. They have
taken everything from me, Ive nothing left. Destitute.

The vets have to pull together, and fight for the greater good. You save all the
vets - you save yourselves. Stop being so selfish, and realize this is a civic
issue rather than strictly personal. Vote on a single agenda, and unite to push
it through. Not 100 people shouting over each other 100 different things.

Your choices have been taken from you, and shortly its just civil war till nothing
if left. All that entitlement only ends up with everyone having nothing.

Grow up America, the problem isnt every where - its in the mirror. Stop blaming
others, and fix what you can around you in positive ways. Stop using up all
around you out of spite. No one owes you, work for what is real. Your working
the last of us to death the last few years who are on over load from Covid.

January 19th, 2023

Oahu Veteran center deletes post on Facebook of pending
RAC meeting in Hawaii Feb 7th, 8th, 9th
OK, Im a little surprised they left it open to post. But, it was real simple and
the jpeg of the RAC flyer. 2 hours later, the RAC sends out the notice after
2 weeks of silence over it. Then out of no where the vetcenter deletes two of my
post about the meeting. Like Im some diseased maniac posting pornography
or something as bad. Very offended.

So I posted it once more, and they took it down again. Now its personal.
Ive got screen shots to show it was up. No more. This is censorship. Told
the media there. Its on them now.

January 16th, 2023

Much of my past has been erased from the Web, and now
Im finding dozens of news articles gone
First it was my Yahoo mail list Gulflink being destroyed after 20 years. Then my 
website largely gutted. Now Ive discovered the bulk of my news interviews gone
from the web. Google makes it look like I never existed.

I tried looking so many up by title. Not there. Wall Street Journal? Really?

Stars and Stripes? Science magazine?
PSOB news interviews 1999, all gone?

Many dont know I was on Hardball the night of the President State of the Union
in 2003. So much media in 2003. Gone?

When I got my committee in 2007. Where did all that go?

Its like someone to trying to make me look like I was no one all my life.

Now I have to build a media section on Gulflink to show it all over time. Rebuild
what has been lost. But, will never regain all the search points I once had.

countdown 1

countdown 2

countdown 3


January 14th, 2023

The PL 105-388 report that helped kick off the big hearings
 and lead to the Research Advisory Committee
November 1997 was a pivotal moment for Gulf War. Government Reform and
Oversight would kick off 17 hearings for the next decade. Heading into the
formation of programs such as RACGWVI and WRIISC with PL 105-368.

VA feared the congressional committees, and DOD had constant oversight as
it played with its OSAGWI division. These entities played cat and mouse up
to 2002. Then OSAGWI stepped back, as did MHVCB, and PSOB. By 2003
OIF set in, and the direction was on that.

Christopher Shays and Bernie Sanders were the congressional favorites at
the time. The CDC conference in Atlanta in 1998 was setting the tone as
PL 105-368 went into overtime with the Omnibus bill. After many incarnations
that got further and further chopped up, its was signed into law November 1998.
Back when Bill Clinton was President.

April 11th 2002 the RAC had its first meeting. 3 years after the law was passed.
Secretary of VA Anthony Principi would be the first and last sympathetic Secretary
to work with the Gulf War Crowd. The charter set in January 2002 was way past
the 1999 deadline.

It would be a rough run. Filled with VA stalling and squabbling at each step.
They were not popular, and called VA out on a vote of no confidence in 2012.
VAs answer, gut the committee, and put on ringers. May 2013, they removed
Jim Binns as chairman even though the veteran community had no problem
with him. It was VA that had the problem. Others left in disgust June 2013.

After 2014, the committee did as VA instructed. Chairman after chairman came
and went. It was no longer a power house. No sweeping reports. No more
oversight. Congress walked away. VA relished in the committee being a silent
tool to bury the past.
Finally, in September 2022 Chairman Lawrence Steinman stepped down, and the
worst era has come to a end. February 8th, 9th the RAC will meeting in Hawaii
of all things to set up a new Chairman. Cheryl Walker, M.D is a cancer specialist
which sounds like VA already knew the cancer clusters have begun. What
direction is this incarnation taking? Not the one it once had.

The RAC should reinstate Jim Binns and the older committee members at the
veterans request. 10 years, and VA has NOT done a better job without them.
If anything, its further gutted Gulf War Resources such as the GWVIS and
Gulf war Newsletter. Its stagnant. Only getting a shot in the arm from the PACT
act in 2022 which now is being subverted.

Where the hell is Government Reform in all this? The promise they made in
1998. Why have they left us for dead.

January 14th, 2023

There is nothing glamorous about Gulf war illness
Ive had 3 tumors removed by VA. So far, all benign. But, Ive also removed
other growths, and issues myself. Out of necessity. As they grew faster,
and faster I could tell I was in trouble. Dark brown, black. Often, it was a
soldering gun so that I could make sure it was dead. Not coming back.
Do you know hard it is to hold this against you till the feeling is gone?

If its not on the books at VA, it didnt happen. Thats where our problem lies.
What gets reported, and the volumes that dont. Ive taken lots of gruesome
photos of myself over the years. This one I came close to loosing my leg.
Hobbled for 2 years while VA dragged it out. Then the surgeon tells me they
may have to take my foot. Sent me to Scott and White where it went quickly.
Months to recover. Get this, they sent me home without pain meds or crutches.
Had to walk on this that Monday to get meds in Waco, drove myself. Spent
the first two days after the surgery with no pain meds. How is that for fair.

Im telling you, pets get better treatment at veterinarians than we vets do.
Its easy for people to be aloof when there not in pain. Ive had plenty of bad ER
days, and ugly emergencies that I had to wait 5 hours for pain meds while
waiting to have my fingers sewn back on. Holding them inside the glove upright
while trying to stop the bleeding. Nothing is urgent with these folks.

January 9th, 2023

RAC meeting heading into Feb 7th, 8th, 9th 2023
There are no details about the Feb 7th 2023 veteran engagement session, 
it wasnt in the federal register notice. Its would be Hawaii in keep with the
group but no one a said a thing out so far.

Media campaign is under way. Trying to reach as many as possible.
Started with Hawaii itself, and now progressing to state side locations.

Modified the WEBEX link in the federal register notice to it fits on this page.
VA should do a better job on the links by embedding them like I just did.

The GWVIS page is damaged and trying to find out what happened.
Version 2 coming.

The fact the RAC is going to Hawaii hit a real sour note with all era
veterans. Talk about grinding teeth when I talk to folks. VA has betrayed
so many era veterans the last 2 years that no one feels sympathetic about
this meeting. One picture of the new chairman on a surf board, and youve
got a some serious attitude coming even from the older crowd who cant
get care either.

January 8th, 2023

GWVIS reports and VA fudging the numbers in 2008
I had a major blow out with VA when I was on the VA ACGWV committee.
I had built a spreadsheet showing VA had altered its numerical stats in
the GWVIS reports over time. The spreadsheet was pretty damning, and the
numbers were not small ones. VBA wrote back it was a technical glitch
and blew me off. The end result, having been caught changing the numbers
and committing fraud - they killed the reports out right.

VA would produce a pre and post 911 report with some stats. Then after
2010 they just stopped all public reporting of Gulf war statistics.

Now Ive come to find the only place the GWVIS reports still exist is on the
RAC website and its only two of them. 2007, and 2008. But, the RAC
website itself hasnt updated any gulf war links since 2014.

So here is my GWVIS webpage and the ACGWV committee materials
associated with this. Buried for 14 years.
GWVIS reports and the ACGWV subcommittee materials tied to them

January 7th, 2023

RAC meeting: February 8th and 9th 2023, in Hawaii?

Dear Readers
You heard it here first. No where else.
The next RAC meeting is in Hawaii on Feb 8th and 9th. I find
this highly offensive.
This time, Im on the agenda presenting about the RAC the 
last 20 years in research.
Its the first time in 20 years the RAC has put me on the
docket as a presenter. Long long over due.
                              Kirt P. Love
Note: 23 years of reading the federal register every day,
it does pay to stay on it.
Email to other:
They played me to the last minute, that it would be DC.
Then Federal Register posted at 5am on a Saturday as
I predicted. None of this is up on the VA website.
Notice in the email it says ET time. Hawaii.

I have a 25 slide powperpoint that is going to change the
direction of all of this. With a new item at the end no
one will see coming. That effects all era veterans.

The implications here are both staggering and nearly comical.

YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE. Its my best work ever.



February 9, 2023 - 3-4pm ET. 

Please provide your preferred title and affiliation.

Note all speakers and some committee members will be attending

virtually using Webex.


3-3:15pm ET

15 min

Veteran Perspective: 
1990-91 Military Exposures

Mr. Ronald Brown

1990-91 Gulf War Veteran

3:15-3:30pm ET

15 min

Veteran Perspective: Gulf War Research Historical Perspective

Mr. Kirt Love

1990-91 Gulf War Veteran

3:30-4:00pm ET

30 min


Veteran Perspectives:
Military Exposures
Veteran Roundtable Discussion

Ronald Brown

Richard Gaard

Kirt Love

Tom Mathers

Delphine Metcalf-Foster

Sonya Smith

Bill Watts

Dr. Jim Woody (Chair)

Veterans of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm


[Federal Register Volume 88, Number 5 (Monday, January 9, 2023)]
[Page 1321]
>From the Federal Register Online via the Government 
Publishing Office [] [FR Doc No: 2023-00135] ====================================== DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses, Notice of Meeting The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) gives notice under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, 5 U.S.C. App.2, that the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses will meet at the Oahu Vet Center, 1298 Kukila St., Honolulu, HI 96818. The meeting sessions will begin and end as follows: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dates Times ------------------------------------------------------------------------ February 8, 2023 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time (HST). February 9, 2023 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. HST. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ All sessions will be open to the public. For interested parties who cannot attend in person, this meeting will also be available by videoconference by connecting to Webex at the following URLs: February 8, 2023, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (HST): WEBEX
or join by phone: 1-833-558-0712
Toll-free; meeting number (access code): 2764 095 6460. Meeting password: GWVets1991!Day1 February 9, 2023, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (HST): WEBEX
or, join by phone: 1-833-558-0712 Toll-free;
meeting number (access code): 2763 890 9669. Meeting password: GWVets1991!Day2 The purpose of the Committee is to provide advice and make recommendations to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs on proposed research studies, research plans, and research strategies relating to the health consequences of military service in the Southwest Asia theater of operations during the Gulf War in 1990-91. The Committee will review VA program activities related to Gulf War Veterans' illnesses and updates on relevant scientific research published since the last Committee meeting. This meeting will focus on 1990-91 military exposures, exposure assessment, and the health effects of genes, lifestyle and military exposures. The meeting will include time reserved for public comments 30 minutes before the meeting closes each day. Individuals who wish to address the Committee may submit a 1-2 page summary of their comments for inclusion in the official meeting record. Members of the public may submit written statements for the Committee's review or seek additional information by contacting Dr. Karen Block, Designated Federal Officer, at 202-443-5600, or at Dated: January 3, 2023. LaTonya L. Small, Federal Advisory Committee Management Officer. [FR Doc. 2023-00135 Filed 1-6-23; 8:45 am] BILLING CODE P

January 6th, 2023

No clear leadership, army of one comes full circle with
speaker of the house fiasco

People are so out to trivialize everything, and how each individual is more
important than the whole - stalemate at all levels.

What I have seen in the Gulf War circles has spread to every corner of
society. Everyone is right, and everyone is wrong. They dont feel they have
to be honest or support anything. Its petty revenge. Undermining others.
100 people shouting 100 different agendas with zero interest in supporting
anyone but there own agenda. The collapse of government, and society.

It doesnt matter now if people are brilliant, in fact now that is punished.
Mediocrity has taken over. People who resent talent because it wasnt there
idea first. Modesty is gone. Cripple, resent, scowl.

Takes personality to stand out. People resent that. So now anyone that
stands out if the enemy. Making a lame duck congress a mosh pit of
mediocrity gone wrong.

This is the time for random lots, lottery. Take control away and make this
embarrassing for these folks. Make them realize they have to earn back what
they had rather than demand it.

Entitlement? Get over it people. Its time to get the job done and it wont be
glamorous again for a long time. Only, the world is watching and they are looking
to take advantage of this. Too much longer, and they will. Then when its gone
it takes 10 times the effort to get anything back.

December 27th, 2022

The Toxic Exposure scenario without evidence?

Been incredibly busy the last week. Ive made tremendous head way with my
Lysosome enzyme experiments. The key aspect of this was long ago with the
cholinesterase inhibitors. You mess with one enzyme, it ripples to others. We
ramped up one and it through off others. Residual long term effects?

But, as I read up on the PACT act, and ABHOR they refer to tissue collection
to study environmental factors. I know from the last year with VA this is not going
on or if it is - its very narrow. Certainly not the WRIISC, and not ABHOR. Damn
sure not with me.

In fact, tissue collection is NOT a VA strong point other than base labs. Its
considered invasive, and frowned on. If its done, its during surgeries for a biopsy
verification or post mortum. Ive begged for years to get adipose tissue studies.

Then I find out the new RAC chairman is a cancer specialist from Austin Texas.
Talk about throwing up red flags. As if VA knew what was coming or what has
already happened.

I wrote the sec of VA about all this today. Here is the link to that email.
Sec of VA Dec 27th 2022

December 24th, 2022

The AFIP tissue vault of 2000, the Gulf war tissue repository
of 2006, and the VABBB now - still no public catalog of samples

Long ago I fought with the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology over its Gulf
war tissue samples it collected since the war. The issue at that time is they
refused to provide a catalog of the samples.

This facility at Walter Reed hospital was slated for closing. The hint had
been brain cancer tissue slides of Gulf war vets. Then neck cancers. Then
the issue surfaced about ALS tied to this. The deal breaker had been a
veteran dying of a brain tumor that had no where to go. Wade George. Died
shortly after this.

I complained to the RAC year after year about the lack of cooperation on
tissues samples and the AFIP. The only game in town. They made a
recommendation, and in 2006 Anil Prasad presented the new biorepository
to the RAC. I even have the original slide CD they gave me on request.

Only, after all these years its called the VABBB in Boston and they dont
answer phones. I know, Ive called. 1-888-561-8727.

There is a current disease cluster the PACT act is aware of as is VA. They
want to service connect it without giving out numbers. No doubt samples of
the dying have been sent to the VABBB which does not want to report it or
catalog it just like the AFIP.

This is NOT what I asked for years ago. This has been corrupted, and they
dont even want to pretend I was at the beginning of this. largely because
right now they dont want people asking questions.

Where is the GAO, and Congress in all this? No one seems to be asking
any public questions about any of this. Why so much terminal care
presumptions without numbers to back them?

We need public oversight in all this. VA cannot manage itself. We put the fox
in charge of the hen house and no barking dogs.

December 18th, 2022

A year in review - doing every Gulf War program and item related
to our plight - show it to them - and still have VA treat me like garbage

This has been the wildest week of my life since 2008, and yet with all this
going on VA has gone out of it way to spoil it for me. There is such contempt
and over whelming animosity, over what? How dare I say the obvious?

Its not coming from the Temple VAMC. With them its high praise, except for
Public Relations giving me the cold shoulder.

Friday I wrote a email to the Sec of VA that got attention of others. It was enough
to draw Jim Binns ( RAC chairman 2002 - 2014 ) out of retirement and comment
about it as well. He responded after Betty Aguillar at VA EH commented about the
Pact act role out at Temple. Sec of VA was in Colorado Springs speaking to the
most important VAMC in the US that day about the PACT act. That was sarcasm,
obviously he was there to use VA funds for personal reasons and go skiing on
the fresh deep snowpack. Rather than to Texas where the biggest turn out to the
Pact act took place nation wide. ( To avoid facing me )

In my second email Saturday I pointed out to the RAC and VA that since February
Ive run the entire Gambit of Gulf war programs start to finish all year long. Beginning
with the Gulf war Registry exam where they didnt even take my vitals. The WRIISC
referral that took getting the Sec of VA to climb down EH program to make it happen.
The WRIISC exam that dragged from June to September, and after a big show end
in a really weak finish. Finally, the Burn Pit Registry that said I didnt exist over 8 years
and the huge road block to the ABHOR system I pointed out to the Sec of VA. Finally
I got the ABHOR exam that only 30,000 others got over 8 years out of the 317,000
that applied. Which certainly wasnt Gulf war vets because the screening process
didnt allow for southern Iraq land features and such. Where the CRUR program would
have patched those holes. Another thing I pointed out to VA and ABHOR HOME.

All year long these programs failed me in finding what I needed. I didnt get any
benefits increases, beneficial medical evidence, or really any changes at all other
than fresh insight into these programs. Not to mention my getting the Waco VAMC
to reinstate the Veteran communication council meetings gone for 5 years. Another
yawn from VA employees who resent me, and my being there. For what? Because
I make them work, answer questions? Make a phone ring in a very quiet room they
can relax in away from people.

I offered this information to the current VA RAC committee and they were quiet
as always. Go away Kirt. If you go away, we can do whatever we want. We've done
such a good job for VA all these years. Exactly my point, they have done what VA
wanted since 2014 to drive the issue into the ground. They have ignored suggestions
the last 3 years completely and pretend Im not even there asking question online
during there meetings. Till they removed the current chairman after a year of my
asking them to remove him. Keeping in mind I was asking the Sec of VA via email
all year long that they want to pretend I wasnt doing. Doesnt matter I was there at
the opening of the RAC in 2002, and never went away. Drove Jim Binns and the
others nuts all those years, and yet Jim saw enough in me to back me recently
because something is better than nothing. VA did him no favors in 2014.

VA knows right now the battle line with Gulf War right now is me, Im patient
zero and all they have to do is keep on pretending I dont exist. They know the
media is cruel now, and wont write a veteran story to save its life. They know
Congress is gutless, and wont look in on them. They know the vets are all armies
of one, and wont unite behind any cause any more. No one helps no one, and
all they have to do is keeping sucking up public funds for personal ventures like
skiing in Colorado. Im a 3rd world citizen unworthy of there precious time. My
opinions and 25 years of experience pail in compassion to theres. What could
I possibly have to offer?

As long as Im alive, Im still here, and undaunted. Only, Im fighting for more than
3 million other vets right that will be betrayed in the PACT act role out and the
ABHOR program designed to fail them. In the end, the focus is on respiratory
and those dying quickly. This will be so meager, and under whelming in the
coming months. I already know, ran the full spectrum and found out what others
will learn when they press the final answers of VA EH. That VA HOME is about
gathering information of who will try, then silence them with mediocrity.

Gulf War is barely mentioned in all this, and they plan to keep it that way. The
words "Benefits" and "Healthcare" are still bound by CFR 38 ss 3.317, and its
going to keep turning them away in bulk. Its up to me to change this, and right
now no one wants me to. OK, then who, where, when?

What a horrid year, because so much is happening, and its designed to fail. It
could be sweeping changes that really help vets. Not this falsified fiasco that
will be obvious in 2023. I know, it failed me in a spectacular way.

Friday email to Sec of VA and RAC
Friday letter from Jim Binns to Sec of VA

December 16th, 2022

The PACT role out in VISN 17, and the Temple VAMC turn out

Had no real idea what to expect when I drove down. When I got to the facility I saw
no banners, signs, or displays at the hospital. Got mad right off the bat. Looked like
a dead end. Then folks at the main tower started saying building 171. Took the
shuttle over. Nothing on the outside there. But, lots of people going in.

Place was filled with veterans and a line out the door of the exhibition room. Was
a out standing turn out at 10am. Busy busy. But, not real well defined and there
were minor issues where to go. The VBA line was wrapped back and around as
people filled out forms to be seen. Tables were marked with numbers. Some small
signs here and there with fine copy. Plenty of VA employees doing different roles
but in a diffuse pattern.

First thing I noticed right off. Geriatric crowd. 50's and up. Was not seeing anyone
in there 30's and 40's. No wildly dressed folks. Very subdued and quiet. In a room
this large it should have been stifling. The impression I got was one of people that
didnt seem excited or impressed at all.

As for the VA folks, younger veterans that wanted to be involved. These are folks
from OIF and such with a mission. I didnt see surely military career types that
often drive everyone away. No burn outs snapping at folks. In fact, the bulk of the
EH folks were energetic go getters I had not seen in 20 years. Temple had gotten
lucky and replaced a lot of the dead heads I had been bumping into these last two
decades. Other than the VBA regional director who could not smile to save his
life. He didnt seem to be having a good day.

Many talked about what happened in Dallas, who put on too big a show and
was hit with more than a 1,000 vets in the first 2 hours. They had RSVP'd folks,
and got a huge influx. Too much for the first session. Temple had at least 200
vets the first hour and then by 12 the line was finally inside the door way.

Finally, they used a break room to take the VBA over flow and had them sit
in there to wait to be called. That room was packed quickly. But, it also had a
kind of quiet sad tone to it like waiting for medical care visits. It wasnt happy
banter or people visiting loudly. They were not excited to be here.

I talked with everyone I could. Get the feel of the role out. Public Affairs folks
were doing what they could. But, afraid for there jobs. When I asked to take
pictures it was a stern NO. This did NOT sit well with me. However, I knew people
would be uncomfortable on both sides. This time, I would hold off only because
of the turn out. This was a mixed bag that could be screwed up quickly with
the hot heads waiting to snap.

My problem is top down with all this. Its now understood this is a terminal
benefits drive. Get those dying in and something. But, I didnt see anyone
that looked like that. No wheel chairs. Thats a bad sign. As the rest would
find out this is mostly respiratory and depends on ABHOR exams. I could
see 10% to 30% max for the others applying at most if EH was kind to
them. Because C&P was not going to coach them. Good thing Ive been
coaching EH this year on top down strategy and how to work it.

As for the veterans? I was pissed. The younger folks will wait till its too
late and then hope for a quick fix. Ive seen this with Gulf war. If its not 100%
rating in 2 weeks then why bother. Do it for me. Boo hoo hoo. I dont blame
them but I deeply resent this. Generally, the people who know me want me
to magically do it all for them. I dont. They are living there lives, and those
working wont leave work for this. Youve got to be willing to put a hard 110
days into this to get a rating that year. Take your C&P serious, get the right
consecutive evidence on record, and a good claim writer to make your C-File
sing in the ratings review. This has to be coached. It wont.

Sad part is, today didnt benefit me. I was here to support the event. Had already
been through all this with the WRIISC, and ABHOR EH folks on what I could
do for my current rating. Which they pushed PTSD, and thats a somatic illness
loophole that punishes vets. All I could do today was observe and prepare
for the next event. help others use what there is in place. EH folks l knew I was
watching them closely. They did not disappoint, but didnt have the support to
drive folks there way. Mixed message.

Timing for me was perfect though. Had spent the last year starting form scratch
with VA heading into all this. Knew the layout, and who was where all the way to
810 Vermont street in all this. That the break down is with HOME and the
executive branch folks ducking the media. Playing down the disastrous NIH
study about the ABHOR registry.

Its going to take time to flesh out both sides in all this. If anything. I think a
great group is at the Temple VAMC if they had more support on all sides.
The veteran community needs to get angry, and fight back at VA top down.
There focus should be management making higher end benefits retroactive
to stop punishing those that have gone without a decade to 3 decades.
Yes, there is going to be a rush this year. But, its being watered down to
reduce the rating decisions. The terminal ill folks get a few months of help.
Then they die and the spouses, children do not. Those that arent terminal
will only get small simple stuff added, not 60% or higher needed to survive
in these times. 10% to 30% is a insult to those fighting to survive that dont
have clear cut medical conditions you can see.

In truth, I would have rather lost a arm or leg in Iraq. What Ive been fighting
is sinister and subtle. People see a leg missing, they dont insult you. Its
not that hauteur snide look down the nose stuff I get. The stuff I fight everyone
gives up on. Eventually your abandoned even by family that wants to move on
and enjoy there lives. No one wants to hear it. VA counts on that. Which
would explain why so many other younger folks are not there today. There
families gave up on them too. They have to fight to survive each day alone,
and squeeze by on what little they can. The fight is gone after Covid and
economic failure had ground us under foot.

I was needed, but not wanted there. Frustrated on how to fit into this
new battle field. Because its all in flux. There will be more, this is the intro
and opening doors. ABHOR, PACT act, Camp Legune, and such has made
VA face the music. But, these are still bean counters and they plan to reduce
the cost by minimizing this out of view. Now is NOT the time to be timid if
your a hurting veteran. Its also not a time to be polite to VA management
in Washington DC. Because we still dont get monthly or annual reports to any
real numbers. Death count is higher than they let on to be pushing terminal
illness care like this.

What I will say is, those going to Temple VAMC give these folks a chance.
Its nothing like 10, 15, 20 years ago. They need help and support. There is
a large OIF group there that took up the slack. Dont take it out on them.
But,speak up and stop hiding folks. Doors are open, and you have to learn
the ropes to go further than they plan for you to. We are being tricked on
this role out and in a few months the backlash will start. Ive got my work
cut out for me this next year. Im already ahead of the others.

December 1st, 2022

The Sec of VA, former presidents, and how they divert attention
away from themselves in a crisis

Had several phone call from VA Friday. In every one of them I had to assure that
person I was dealing with at the Temple VAMC that I wasnt out to get them. The
Secretary of VA's staff had contacted them, and put it off on them. That the problem
was the Temple VAMC. I had to assure them this wasnt a Presidential request or
a Congressional request. Ive had two Presidentials and 4 Congressionals in my life.
My first was a lousy 10% rating in 1997 from the Clintons. This was me writing to
the Secretary of VA who in return ducks every problem this last year.

The point was my problem is the with the Secretary of VA himself as his policy the
last year has been one of contempt and arrogance. The man is a coward, and he wont
write to me like others have in the past. Worse, he continues to implement policies
and procedures that are harmful by accident or on purpose with indifference to input.
In his mind, he isnt accountable to me or anyone else. Save Congress or the
President. Completely forgotten he is a public servant, and supposed to respond
directly to public inquiry.

If anything, Ive found people at the Temple VAMC Im desperately trying to protect
from the fall out. That I dont want them to testify to Congress about what they saw
because VA will fire them as whistle blowers. The one thing its so hard is to find
people who care, and I want them in place to do just what they do. Ive seen this too
much over the last 25 years. VA is real quick to get rid of people who try. Im in a
pickle here because Ive been a round long enough to see how the villains cover there
tracks by decimation. One bad apple will wipe out a whole unit to keep there job.
Mediocrity at the highest levels keeps itself in place by isolation and diversion.
Which has produced a horrible attrition issue at VA.

Been very busy backing up 25 years of data files from my very earliest days with
the government in 1996. Proving my paper trail in the event I suddenly vanish.
Ive forgotten just how I used to write the White house and Pentagon. Found this
5 page letter from Under Secretary of DOD Bernard Rostker explaining to me the
current situation with Gulf war issues, at President Clintons request. As the years
past the response letters from Presidents got much shorter. Bush barely used
2 paragraphs. I had opposed his deployment to Iraq in 2003 and the world knew it
as global media picked up on that..I could have saved America 2 trillion dollars by
staying out of it. In return, I almost disappeared then when they seized my plane
at Dulles airfield to shut me up. The patriot act in play in 2003.

We have policy makers that implement bad ideas, and do so without our permission.
For 25 years Ive opposed this with purpose. To improve on that. Enough so I was
able to get a Congressman to let me write a letter to VA, and he signed it. That
turned into a VA federal advisory committee. Then I got appointed to it. Not just
anyone could do that. He had to see something in me to do this. As he talked to
me in person. Very few choose to do this or write me. The cowards.

Gulf war vets have been punished for 8 years with the ABHOR registry. It was
on purpose. I called it out, and now its about diversion. Not dealing with that.

Oh, I got my ABHOR exam in a few days. Suddenly Im worth there time for that.
Like all the other programs I followed to the letter all year long that fail me.
But, they didnt fail me at Temple. They failed me from the executive level as
VA does not want Gulf war vets to speak in public. They dont want us in the room
with them except in diversionary ways. Like keeping the RAC in place so its
only research they can avoid - rather than healthcare and benefits issues. The
one thing VA has been adamant about, dont give Gulf war vets a soap box for
healthcare and benefits issues. Let it all fail.

I can only save VISN 17, I cant save the country. Its too big. But, I can show the
employees of VISN 17 what there VA bosses have planned for them. See if they
will save Texas from itself, as we have nothing above them but tyranny. I think
these folks got that Friday.

So much wasted effort here, and needless distraction. To make a vastly bloated
tax fraud do the job it was supposed to. Boy, do they not get me. Just how bad
does this really get before people wake up. At least its got me aware of my website
and how much data is missing. As Ive lived a life very few ever dream of.

December 1st, 2022

National Academy report condemning the ABHOR registry

Reassessment of the Department of Veterans Affairs
Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry

Im pissed, VA burn-pit-registry and VA HOME knew about this report in October and so far
they have been hiding from it. So while Im paralleling every aspect of it, and
proving Im right VA including the Sec of VA has been ducking me.

317,000 participants out of 3.7 million, and yet only 30,000 got medical exams
for 8 years. Proof VA is using this to keep vets at bay.

I sent out the first article from Omaha to others. Warned my VA EH coordinator
of what is coming with this. Im at the center of this with answers and no one
wants to work with me, a Gulf War vets with answers. Completely sinister.

November 29th, 2022

Burn Pit registry and Gulf War veterans since 2014

My update project now has taken a monumental turn for me. Having discovered
many hidden issues. Then couple that with the usual red tape and indifference
at all levels.

After hours of work, I got through the Burn pit Registry eligibility menu. I had to
settle for denoting "Iraq" and "Saudi Arabia" without putting down Kuwait. But,
having done so I sent 3 emails last week at all levels of VA and DOD. Most were
done BCC so others didnt know the addresses. Only the VA stuff was public.

The point being I had 3 separate databases of information as reference, and that
the CRUR should be part of the air borne hazard registry. As well as still classified
data at DOD over locations that should NOT be classified.

I got the attention of several people on high. DHA was real quick to say this was
resolved when its not. Then VA threw HOME ( Health Outcomes and Military
Exposures ) at me which two emails have been forwarded. I can tell you this is
at the highest levels today of VA and DOD because Ive proved that for 8 years
VA has done all it can to turn GWI vets away from the Burn Pit Registry. To make
it hostile and offensive on purpose. So needlessly complicated that tens of
thousands turned away for 8 years.

Suddenly, Im now eligible and able to finish the survey? It should not have been
near this hard. Its not over either. Now I get to see how punitive and shallow
this is too. How quickly they will grab at somatic type questions and rigged
simplistic responses that can be skewed. Then what?

VA lost ground this year to Camp Legune and Burn Pit Registry. It has to address
Toxic exposures by law. Its created a loop hole to bypass the Feres Doctrine to
make civil tort claims stick to the government. What they want is to minimize the
cost by making sure Gulf war vets dont apply or try. If they do, then make it so they
give up quickly. We are the orphan cause between then and now.

What is missing in all this is human kindness. 30 years GWI vets have suffered,
and America doesnt care these days. Its devalued us. Only to find now they are
pretty much devaluing everything. Which makes it easy for VA to go on business
as usual. Cold, indifferent, condescending, and getting a little sick perversion out
that anonymity to be cruel to others. Spite over nothing. A grudge from 1995 on that
just wont go away.

Been a very hard year with VA. Ive done it all by the book, and every step has been
drug out then filled with back handed issues. Gulf War Registry, WRIISC Referral,
WRIISC exam, and now the Burn Pit Registry. Which is why Im now versed on
where all this is at in 2022. I did it your way VA and its still designed to fail me
in a colossal way. What little I did get from it, I fought hard for over months. Each
step was frustrating over nothing.

To VA at the top, Im a annoying nobody unworthy of there time. They make that
very clear all year long. How dare I write them or complain. Only all year long I think
Ive made dozens of valid points that have gone unanswered. Im not worthy of
answers? Really? Public servants in office to aid the population? They sure dont
get that any more. Doors closed, and spit in our direction more than ever.

Its a sign of things to come. When all doors are closed. Not far off now, as the
White House got rid of internal phone numbers people used to call. This is not
the DC I knew from 1999 to 2005. When it was friendlier. I didnt think so then,
but I sure see it now. You could walk up or in everywhere back then - now they dont
even answer phones.

You get what you give America, and cutting off your military is the last straw
before total anarchy. It was for Rome, and others. I know better and yet Im very
much alone in many ways because the opportunist dont want people to catch
them cashing out. Behind closed doors, anything goes. Since 2020, its a ghost
town in DC they wanted. As long as people dont unite or fight back. Its every
where now - and people are picking each other off thanks to it.

November 21st, 2022

CRUR data, the Army declass project, OSAGWI hidden internal
files, and the hideous mocumentary "Leave no stone unturned"

My update project now has taken a monumental turn for me. Having discovered
how much damage had been done to my website slowly over time. That others
had altered it to cover up my long years of hard work. Which is why Google
pretty much dumped me.

Bit by bit Ive gone back 22 generations of backups to recover the original
files as far back as 2006. Im stunned at how bad the website got. That others
took advantage this way to destroy it and me. Will take time to put it all back.
Thousands of pages. Making sure they work. Then Ive got some new stuff to add.

Going to build a Steve Robinson page with the 2002 materials he handed me.
He left OSAGWI, and tried to air what went on there - Congress blew it off. They
were wrong to do this. OSAGWI was fowl, arrogant, and mean. They did not
have the veterans interest at heart, at all. Which the mocumentary "Leave No
Stone Unturned" proved. OSAGWI got away with fraud, waste, and abuse of
public funds. Then left off the hook to cover up the Gulf Wars much darker side.
As did PSOB's staff for them. It was truly vile for those of us that had to watch
close up. Being spit on like this month after month.

Bare with me, about to be some major changes next few days.

November 20th, 2022

Starting completely over in so many ways, as I found Gulflink
had been gutted - get it all back out there and some

I had run into a very bizarre situation. I needed to send my CRUR unit data to
VA EH to show my locations in Iraq - and there all gone. Not just on the website
but back 12 generations of copies. No telling how long this has been gone among
dozens of other files. To include the PAC and PSOB websites. My website has been
gutted of nearly all its files.

See, the Burn Pit Registry has a intentional flaw. It doesnt list gulf war battle locations
or offer grid cords. So I could not get past this screen. Weeks later the EH coordinator
called asking what happened. I told her. The offered to send her my CRUR sheets. Only
to find there all gone. Took me 3 days to back track to a hidden USB stick from
2006 before I found them again. Now I can prove where I was in the Gulf war, and also
get others into the Burn Pit registry with the same.

Its made me go back through gigs of old data. Even other peoples like Chris Kornkven
and Steve Robinson stuff they gave me long ago. Which made me realize, its time
to start releasing all that. As Steve Robinson gave me internal OSAGWI records and
documents in a secret office meeting. I vowed I would sit on them. Since they never
came after him for having them, then that means they were not classified and suitable
for public release. So now I have to verify this with Deployment Health. Among numerous
other files that I have inventory logs of for Army, Navy, Centcom, Satcom, Air Force,
Sea Bees, Special Forces, Pathfinders, and long list I once tried to FOIA. In fact, it
should be a world record that hasnt been matched since. But, they dont keep those
kinds of records. I was sending more than 5 a day for 245 days. Stacks and stacks of
green receipt cards showing they got them. The server system crashed and security
review got involved. OSAGWI freaked out. Which is when I got the OSAGWI sever inventory
spreadsheets among numerous other things. Maxwell AFB logs, Centcom logs, and
then dozens of other files like this. Then Government Reform stepped in, and Rep
Christopher Shays demanded NARA let me have greater access at Suiteland. OMG,
the stuff I found. By then Steve Robinson saw I was going to break the bank and he
talked about OSAGWI. That lead to more and more. Like the stuff PSOB, MHVCB,
and OSAGWI confided in private with me. It got real weird after that till March 2003 when
they seized my plane at Dulles AF and rifled my luggage before my speaking on German
TV. They were looking for classified files.

Im being punished for having Gulflink all the time. Now they hope it vanishes into
obscurity as the got rid of Its now but its
not up on the weekends. So Im going to put up the PSOB, PAC, MHVCB websites
to make sure its all up. As vets need to get there CRUR data to get into the Burn
Pit Registry. Having to start that all over again.

So as of today the CRUR data is back up. Over time so with the bulk of it. Till Im
back in the top ranks of Google one way or another. As there has been a very sneaky
effort to hide me in plain sight. Im about to change that.

November 19th, 2022

Google rewrites history, and aids the government to help
conceal what the wealthy dont like online abut the Gulf war

Search engines were quite the rage in 2000. Big selection, and they had some
neat properties. But, Google rose up and took the stage. I liked it at that time
because it took 18 unusual words and thrust me into the top ranks for decades.
Then slowly as time went by, it became more selective and I saw it was a screening
tool to limit what people searched for. It was certainly about popularity, but it was
also about reducing that as well. To make people unpopular, and wait for obscurity
to rid selection.

Then in 2020 Yahoo set out to rid me of my long standing Gulflink mail list. It was
a chronicle of daily issues back to 2000. Was quite unceremonious. Like none of
it ever happened. The build up to the 2003 Iraqi invasion, and the world media as
we opposed troops deployment. The betrayal of those troops. The medical problems
that followed them afterwards like leishmaniasis and acinetobacter baumannii. Finally
the burn pit fiasco. The formation of my own VA federal committee, and our betrayal
at the hands of the Gulf War Illness Task Force. The decimation of the RAC, and
its gutting by VA with ringers that ruined it. So much death, and betrayal.

I asked a VA EH coordinator to look up "PAC Mark Brown" which should have
turned up dozens of aspects from 1995 to 2003. Nothing. Presidential Advisory Commitee
didnt come up or him. He was on it. It was such a scam because they abandoned there
records in a warehouse after the committee was disbanded. NARA could not find them
and I fought to get them saved. The website too. They were all too happy in 1999 to
pretend all they GWI data they collected vanished. Same thing with the Presidential
Special Oversight Board and the Military Health Veteran Coordinating board. Up to
2002 it was all the rage to just abandon things.

Im trying to prove steps in the system as they progressed over time, and this all
had mostly vanished. Leaving me as the sole remaining largest archive of all this that
can prove what happened from 1997 to 2022 in our arena. As I saved everything you
could imagine for this very purpose. Including every email to 1997. As now most of those
people are quite dead on both sides of this issue. Very little exist now of our long struggle
with DOD / VA. No one has what I have, I promise you. Not this complex, and of all
the 33 groups that existed that now have faded away. Even the British stuff.

Many would like me to die silently in the Gulf war crowd because I was a battling
cantankerous person in there eyes. Yet, I saved it all because it was proof of who said
what at key times. The dynamics of the crowd. Its numerous failings. I didnt want
to falsify any of that, I wanted it verbatum to look back on. As I could have finished off
the NGWRC a dozen times all the way back to when VVA was ready to pull there
funding. I was the last person that had there TV commercials Ross Perot paid for.
I owned the domain name briefly, and it didnt cost them dearly to get it back. Over
and over till at one point I was very nearly voted president at a national meeting in
Atlanta - when others sabotaged the nomination. My battle with Steve Robinson
was epic by then as with OIF under way.

All this gone at the hands of Google. Which I find quite sinister. As I see its meant
to devalue the unpopular in favor of wealthy public opinion. To silence Gulf war
vets and help bury the past.

Im needed but not wanted. My new goal is to get this stored at the Smithsonian
so that NARA cant keep concealing what it shouldnt. That 22 years of constant
betrayal will not be rewarded with a silent victory. To cover it all up, and write us off.
Change American history in favor of the wealthy. That gulf war vets were little more
than a nuisance to America to swept under the carpet.

Im still here, Google will not win his fight to make me vanish. Nor with DOD Deployment
health or VA. You wish I was gone, I didnt die those many many times. Im more
like Lazarus now but in the bad ways. I deserved better than this.



October 14th, 2022

Its all about profit, and if your poor - your screwed

I watched another product silently vanish from the stores. Just about anything
from .50˘ to $1 is not profitable and goes up or gives up. This one was Southgate
Beef Hash. Its now too hard to make it, and they gave up rather than go up on
price. Its one of dozens of items I relied on as a poor person. Not good for me,
but it was alright for my growing daughter.

For me, inflation is between 40% to 100% now across the boards. So many food
items have doubled in price or more. Staples beyond my reach now. Shortages
on so many things at the bottom end. The attitude is, the rich must profit at all
cost and they no longer care if anyone makes it. Much like OPEC and the oil
prices. Its about extreme profit now. Time to cash out.

The poor just take it out on each other. Misdirected anger, looking for easy targets.
Road rage and un-civic behavior is explosive around me. So is the contempt
people have for each other. The bottom feeders are lashing out in passive
aggressive ways not realizing people are building very deep grudges against
them. Out here, idiots play each other like no one will catch on. Resentment
is becoming explosive. These will become life time grudge matches they
wont win. Several have learned already. But, it ripples over into so many things
like the quality of road repairs and such. TxDot here sabotages its own road
repairs on purpose.

The media is careful to ignore the credit card defaults about to happen. Well
over 100,0000,000 credit cards. Thats a possible 1 trillion dollars on top of 3
trillion in other credit assets that just tanked. As the rich made sure the only
way people could pay there bills was use credit cards to make up for the
lack of income. Sucking the world dry. Out of a10 trillion asset base?

No one is trying to fix any of this. Over all people want this all to fail. Because
they want there neighbor to fail. Oh, they will make it as long as there
neighbor doesnt. No you wont idiots. Because you destroyed the infrastructure
and industry base so well that it cant be rebuilt all at once. Will take decades
and if its not profitable people wont do it. Because it wont be about civic, it
will ONLY be about profit. That resentment wont go away till those people
die off harboring it. Like over 40 years.

Once the poor catch on, it will be mob rules. They will work to dig the rich out of
there bunkers over time to get there revenges. These folks will fixate on you
for there suffering. Because rather than be civic, they will only focus on the
negative. Like for 20 years and such. Waste even more time making sure that
no one gets ahead.

Its starts with the small things. Till all that is left is over priced things. Then
no one can afford those. Each thing that isnt profitable vanishes. Till there
is nothing left. All of you made this happen. Kept living in denial and thinking
it will fix itself. How? Your not fixing it. You stood back and gave the devious
and dishonest the keys to the city. They then purged those and went on a
bender to celebrate. Because the 3rd purge has begun of what didnt sell,
and manufactures gave up because it didnt make a profit. Freezer sections
of stores are about to STAY bare of cheapest items.

Well, the margin call is any time now. Growth economics was a lie. We are
way over the line, and bled the poor dry. The very rich know this and try to
cash out. Then hide in there bunkers and laugh at the rest of us. Only, people
they hired to build these bunkers know were they are. People will camp on
your door step waiting for you to come out when nothing is left. Thats your
legacy on a global scale? People will forget what you did? Not likely. Thats
all they will live for at that moment. Has been throughout human history.

Could have been civic. Global. But, too many out there feel there are entitled.
Theyve lost sight of what really matters. Like Putin and the Ukraine. As people
will fight back till both sides loose. Till nothing is left. Salt the earth. Putin
lost sight of just how toxic past invasions of long ago got. His quest will
back fire on him and all around him. Because its not realistic.

All around me now are dozens of indicators that people think this is a golden
time to destroy others, and take what they have. They do NOT get how people
will fight back, and then never let go of what happened. Lifetime battles have
begun that only end in violence. Unrealistic toxic mindsets that do not get
the out come of there actions. You want too much! Something is better than
nothing. Your not owed people, give that up. Work to keep what you got
and learn to live on less. Much less thanks to you. Not getting involved in
the right way when it mattered.

Its too late now. Billions will die soon. Suffering on a epic scale. Till people
realize long after the fact they killed the golden goose. When bread is a
luxury and they will kill for it. Did NOT have to happen. Fully preventable.
Still is. But, not with these 2 digit IQ's out there chipping away at it. Live
for the moment?

For me the economics war has been going on for 2 years. Loosing another
thing each day. Knowing its not coming back. Been all too real for me. I
know growing food is super hard. I have beetles right now wiping out my
gardens by the thousands. Drought and temperatures make it impossible
to grow food here. Its not a joke to me. Trying to get seed stock for next
year from what is left. Texans will die by the millions if they had to grow
there own food here. Not even enough seed base here if they started today.
Cant grow food in 106 degree weather and no water.

There are things I know about Texas internally that most have no clue.
Ive tested the networks and OMG. The contempt is amazing. Then you have
the Trump anarchist in the wings in key positions ready to strike and
take over when the bottom falls out. You can have it! Like the Taliban
being given Afghanistan - turn out the same way. People wont rally to
your cause folks. Internment camps? Only make it worse. You cant control
undirected anger at that scale and resentment in your ranks.

What if Im wrong? Great. I hope Im very wrong. Only, Ive been 87% on
such a large number of predictions. The next ones Im keeping to myself
because I really hate them. I really hope Im wrong. Want to be on this.
But, Im a student of human nature and I dont have the luxury after all these
years of being wrong. No one cares, and so it begins. Ive been living on much
less and have practice. I already know what it feels like and some. Ive hardened
off to the crappy way people are - they tried early with me. Those that think
they deserve more than they need, they are all around you. In fact, thats
pretty much everyone around you now. Even family members, Ive watched
it here and in mass. Its universal. Your only fooling yourselves.

September 26th, 2022

The phone campaign on DC has begun

Early today I got he automated email from the Sec of VA office that my
complaints have been passed on to VHA. Only, Ive gotten these before
this year. Dead letter office till now.

It had been a long time since I called the White House itself. Did today only to
find they killed that 202 number. Things are even worse than I guessed. So
I called the White House veteran VA hotline at 855-948-2311 only to find
its not at the White house any more. OMG, they put the fox in charge of the
hen house. But, turns out my email was also sent to them and the complaint
number is 8524321. So will hold my breath on this? Yeah right.

( Part 2 of the white house numbers. )
Really? Ive had a forgotten secret phone number all these years that Donald
Trump killed off? Now I have dozens of others that he had killed off. 202-456
is dead all the way down the list. 202-456-5484 wasnt among there list. But,
Biden decided to keep it that way. Hide in plain sight. This does not deter me.

What the Secretary of VA does not get is this time Im going to call anyone and
everyone around DC like I used to do 20 plus years ago. This time Im going
all out to make a scene like I used to in 1999. Till its impossible to ignore or
avoid me. The last year now demands it. I think the scale of this has gone
wildly out of bounds by any comparison. Im done being ignored.

This all is a firewall, I intend to tear down this firewall. The one built slowly
since 2008 till now its absolute. Which means I will have to stand in front
of the White house with a picket sign soon. That is now on the books.

You folks went way too far, and now I have to go public in some really big way.
Draw attention to our GWI plight. Rather than be spit on any more. Only to
be crushed by the wealthy in some new more cruel way. Cause right now
GWI vets have NO representation on the hill and VA plans to wait us out
openly. We have no rights, hurry up and die you scummy vets, Really? Ive
been the bench mark to how far they can and will go at RAC meetings. To
mistreat and vilify a vet in the open in front of others. That my former VA GWI
advisory committee had zero value in the past. Good ole boy system.

Contempt is the name of the game, not progress. Time to call that out.

September 25th, 2022

RAC meeting Sept 21-22nd

This was a mix of things for me. The usual snide condescending attitude
from the committee, and yet good news - they got rid of the chairman.
After a year of begging for his removal I guess they heard me. Since I was
writing the Secretary of VA about him over and over.

The meeting was filled with endless technical flaws for both days. Day
2 was much much worse. I saved the chat bar session for both days
including the drop out part when they reset the Webex peer.

What I tired of was 3 different folks who had to control the meeting in there
own manic ways. It was highly disruptive and was keeping others from
being heard more. Room fool of chiefs, and no indians. Only, it was 50
armies of one trying to cancel each other out. Was almost comical at
times how it came off so petty like shouting on twitter. Text bombing.
Not real content either, just endless commentary. One liners to keep
others from posting. Boring at best.

One thing I really did not like, they still havent posted the presentations
from that day. I said on the chat bar it would be two weeks, and the RAC
staff said right after the meeting. Well, its Sunday and nothing. Meeting
ended Thursday. Could have let us download them that day on Webex.
Nope, lets treat the vets like crap once more - who will do anything about
it? Certainly not Congress or anyone else. VA is above the law and its
anything goes. With tax payer dollars.

Then I tried to get back on the Airborne Hazards and Burn pit registry.
VA says Im not on it after being one of the first to apply. Now a new
road block. Deployment locations. Gulf war, Desert Storm, it does not
offer that for Iraq. I knew this was rigged when you cant pull up the southern
regions or the Madina Ridge. Dozens of spots around the oil well areas
that dont come up either. Its geared for OIF from 2003 to present. How
many thousands of GWI vets have been turned away by this screen.
Search aspect only offers newer deployments in middle and northern Iraq.
Im outraged by this. Its going to take me weeks of data mining the servers
to pick this apart and find some on my locations. As it does NOT use
grid coordinates or GPS data.

I wrote once more to the Secretary of VA, and I spelled out much of the
last year up till now. I truly doubt he will do right by me now. He hasnt
all year long. He is afraid of me, or so lofty that Im a peasant to him.
Either way, he certainly isnt brave enough to respond to me himself.
Sad part is, he will be gone shortly like the others - I have to learn yet
another Secretary of VA all over again. 8 of them so far for me. I liked
Brown, Principi the best. Peake gave me my committee. Others have
been much worse. Snide, rude, mean.
Letter to Sec of VA Denis McDonough

Im not going away, and Ive done it by the book all year long. If its this
bad for me, how bad is it for others who dont under stand the system?
How many tens of thousands are being driven away each year on purpose?
With loop holes, dirty tricks, technical flaws, and just simply not having
a answering machine for VA offices like the WRIISC. Its all one way the
bulk of the time. Dictatorial. Vicious.

People go boo hoo hoo around me, and yet they arent out doing me. Get
out of my way and let me get something done. As for VA, mediocrity has
crippled you. Either change path or get out of my way. We did it your way
for 12 years now and its dead locked. You cant improve on it and wont. So
let me have a crack at it. Ive got ideas by the box load and its based on
what I lived through including this year. Your top down, Im bottom up. Only,
Im the customer and this isnt working. In real business circles, you would
be chapter 13 and living under a bridge. $100 billion dollar bloated failure
that would not survive in any other arena with all the twisted loop hole
laws VA hides behind. Your not even transparent about your budgets.

30 plus years for me of all this. I have the right to complain, What I would
like is a crack at fixing some of this rather than watch it get worse. Its so
distorted and convoluted now the only happy people are the worst ones
still employed making sure no one else can get them fired. Legacy VA and
DOD employees with grudges decimating thousands of lives.

Simplify folks, distill this down. CFR 38 is supposed to be fluid. Its stagnant.
Then lets cut away to fat and get to meat of this. Instead of pretending I
dont exist and your doing a great job by rigged polls. I dont share your
glowing internal reviews of your infrastructure. Too many upper crust
going to expensive training camps and bonuses for failing at your jobs.

You dont want this critique? Then stop treating me like Im a migrant
farm worker with no rights. Im a combat veteran, and I wasnt playing
in port - I was being shot at in Iraq all the time. 100 hours of endless
moments that this was it - that one would get me. Boom. Boom. Hour
after hour. How dare you insult that.

Lets try a different direction that doesnt involve more years of this. Maybe
we try actually making some hard progress. Instead of keeping us at bay
year after year with your ringers and bogus programs.

Its time to do some work, and Im eager to do my part. With some help.

September 18th, 2022

WRIISC exam wrap up, getting my General ham license
and the coming RAC meeting Sept 21-22nd

Boy what a action packed month it has been for me. Things happened literally
by the hour. It all over lapped with the WRIISC exams and studies that went
on and on. First there were 17 video conferences, and then more kept being
added on. This time, TBI came up, and caught me by surprise. So the whole
thing shifted on me.

I had just gotten my ham license upgrade to General. Then applied for the
RACES ham emergency management system. Got on the ham air, attended a
few ham net meetings. Fixed a vast number of technical problems on my end
pretty much alone. Then kept moving onto APRS and other systems. Found
the area is a wasteland more than I knew. New task for this. New plan.

Locally, Im not allowed to comment for now. Not going to interfere with the
people investigating. Lets just say others went too far, and now they have a
very unwanted form of attention. They didnt know when to stop.

The WRIISC was comparing notes from 2008 to 2022 and found that I was not
degenerating like I thought. But, way too much emphasis was put once more
on psychology and PTSD. The test were highly biased with trick question
designed to make a person fall into 1 of 5 categories - all meant to be some
form of personality disorder. Like about 10 hours of this which I felt was obsessive
and needless. You cant tell a agenda is still here and deployment health is
still using its grudge match to condemn Gulf war vets.

All said and done I managed to use this exam cluster to my advantage despite
the way it was handled. Ruled out so many things. Positive I made a lasting
impression on most of these folks. As for Dr. Barrett, his build up to the final
comments was a huge let down. Gave the impression we were going to
change my world, and maybe a benefits increase. Then he fell flat on me and
bet the farm on PTSD. Nothing changed for me, and nothing will if I follow his
methods. But, not counting on him and not worried about it. VA isnt serious
about helping me and pushing me into the PTSD hole ties my hands as a
personality disorder. Willed myself sick. Grounds for dismissal of other
physical disorders. Somatic. This hasnt changed for 2 decades now. 3.317
fails at this one as well.

The coming RAC meeting is no better, VA gutted them once more but left
the chairman in place to decimate further. His double speak and back handed
methods have done just what VA wanted him to do. Keep people guessing and
spinning in place. Meetings get bigger and people assume they are being heard.
Unless its research, not enough looked at. Neither is the chat bar they all assume
is being recorded. Im the only one doing that. These meetings would not be so
bad if they were in person. Then these folks could not get away with all this.
The exceptionally rude and condescending committee could not get away with
this in public rather than hiding online. Just what VA wants.

Im kicking ass all over the place. To a silent audience. As no one helps no one
is the real montra here. 2 wrongs make a right, cancel out reality. Sooner or
later reality will set in and then some light is going to get shed on a bunch
of hidden issues that need airing out. When dishonesty back fires on all and
the hole backs up under them. I can wait, I see it coming.

All year long Ive systematically tackled the Gulf war system from scratch and
found it still designed to fail. From the Gulf war Registry exam, burn pit registry.
WRIISC referral process, WRIISC exam system, and how VA handled me from
the top down in all this. Including the cowardly Sec of VA McDonough trying to
avoid direct interaction with me all year long. Oh, you can email him alright -
he just hides in his office. His staff certainly do the same. Nothing like past
Secretaries of VA Ive interacted with. Not a short list either.

These people are as dishonest as they can get. So that means the RAC meeting
on the 21st and 22nd is going to be so blatant it will defy logic. The chairman and
staff will put on there rose colored glasses and pretend people like me dont exist.
Which other shameful so called advocates have tried to cash in on that. A perfect
dynamic for VA to remain static. Distant, off the mark.

Just like with the PACT act, a end of life benefits program. This is a terrible law
that VA plans to abuse as if its magic. Its really to help the terminally ill leave
benefits to there spouses and children. Of course they jumped on this because
it really didnt change he presumption models. The diagnoses part and ICD 9.
The misisng part is quality of life for those that arent terminal yet.

Im going through the motions here by the book, and VA is failing me on simple
stuff. If its failing me and Im very well versed, then its really failing others that
dont know what to ask or how. VA loves this part, saving money at the expense
of veterans lives. How many died this year due to this? We wont know, there is
no monitoring or reporting this for real. If it wasnt in VA care than it didnt happen
and they dont report that. 92% cant get it. VA wins. All is well.

The show down with VA over all this is when, not if. The severity of this grows
with each passing week. Im still here, I didnt vanish. VA and the secretary of
VA would love if I did. Cowards.

August 14th, 2022

Pact Act, and A government spiraling out of control

It all kind of came together watching Congress deal with Trump, just how
openly dishonest America has become. How each side knew what the other
was doing in Washington DC, and how far the abuses went. Just how far
national security has only become a tool of the rich to cover up there tracks.
Then when there fellow billionaires dont like it, turn on each other.

How can I possible get the Gulf war records released when a hand full of
very crooked people control our countries darkest secrets unopposed. As
each President since 1990 knows what is hidden at NARA. They have to
cover it up, or risk exposure. Just like Trump hinted at 911 once the heat
was on him. Give the Bush family a black eye. Detract from him.

Then I watched the Pact Act in play. Congress tried to kill it just like it tried
to kill PL105-368 in 1997. The irony is, this is a toothless law that really wont
grant very many service connections. Which is why VA is embracing it now
like it "always' endorsed it? OMB and others in VA picked its weak points
apart and already plan to stall like they did with Gulf War vets. To minimize
payouts, care, and the actual veteran that need it the most. Figure about
less than 5% even getting anything out of this, and 30% rating or less.

The new trick with VA is to poison the research aspect of this, and redirect
the funds to other projects like they did with the WRIISC. In about 5 years
people will see this when its too late. Because, VA does not have to publish
where the money actually goes. No accountability.

Ive cut the rest of Gulflink off. Might as well. Veterans wont rally, and VA is
not accountable to Congress or the vets. Pact Act was a bone to lull these
people back to sleep. Its NOT a victory. Its not sweeping, and filled with
loop holes. Ive been at this 25 years, and Ive seen it up close most of that.
Clerk of the house, and HVAC didnt even warn these folks.

Well, come October is the great credit card defaults of all those people who
lived on credit most of the last 2 years. Bled dry by the rich, live for today
as its all going back to normal next week? Keep spending. Its wiped out
the poor who now have maxed out. The damage is too great, and trillions
in derivatives will vanish over night as the banks go into margin call. Then
China and Russia will make there moves in the chaos.

Im surrounded by idiots. Watching them tug at a very fragile thread in a
dozen directions. Powerless, and having to brace for the obvious. What
could I possible know, Im just a poor dumb vet. I have no value to anyone.
Just because Im not wealthy, and ruthless?

Simple is better in all things. Living on so little. Keeping away from the
distractions, and empty promises. Go devalue yourselves. Im going to
focus on my plants, chickens, and ignore you all. America gutted itself,
and is a lost country. Its going to learn from its mistakes shortly. That
living on credit is a very bad idea. Inflating to infinity.

Good luck with all that people. Im scaling back and focus on common sense
stuff. As I know better on so very many levels, and Im done explaining them.
Go fake each other out. See where we all end up a year from now.
      Kirt P. Love 
      Disabled Gulf War Veteran 
              Former member: VA Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans
      Contact: Kirt Love - ( Email updated April 5th 2020 )
                   P.O. Box 414, 
                   Crawford, Tx 76638

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